Unblogged Birthday

Is it even a birthday if you don't blog about it? Kidding! Once upon a time I blogged regularly. First I used the blog to record my weight loss journey after I had a baby, then (as I started to enjoy fashion again) I started posting my outfits and participating in blog link-ups. I did a few guest posts for other bloggers, won a lot of giveaways, wrote a few sponsored posts, and commented on a lot of blogs I followed (and got comments and followers in return). It was a lot of fun, but not something I wanted to keep up with in the long run. I'm not fashion forward or creative with clothes. I do want to dress uniquely and feel effortlessly stylish in whatever I wear, but I refuse to waste money just to have something new to post about. As I work towards getting back to my goal size (again!) I want to curate a closet that only has clothes I love, clothes that are flattering and can be mixed and matched with ease. Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that it's been a long time since I was on any type of "schedule" for this blog. I always pop back in now and then to share some family event or random project, but somehow completely skipped Connor's 2nd birthday last year! I did manage to post about Sean's (triple!) 6th birthday celebration but I wanted to get Connor's party up here too.

I didn't have my new camera yet, and only managed to snap a few pics with my phone, but it was a fun day with family celebrating our little monkey. June is coming around fast and I can't believe we'll have a 3 year old soon! There's a lot of things I want to accomplish before summer rolls around again though. Things like:

-finishing all of Sean's first grade curriculum.
-taking pictures of all the projects I've been working on in the house. (SO.MUCH.PAINTING.)
-catching up on my yearly photobooks. (I'm halfway done with 2015...haven't even started on 2016!)
-completing a few months of a modified whole 30 eating plan.
-continuing getting at LEAST 15 thousand steps a day. (LOVE my fitbit charge 2!)
-getting back to piano lessons with Sean, we paused during basketball season and then never got back on schedule.
-taking the group basketball photo that we've been trying to coordinate for months!
-getting a few new plants for the backyard after we lost some to (rare) freezing temps this winter.

First order of business is to get over being sick so I can start work on all of this!


Warm Weather Sweater

Sweater (TJMAXX) Jeans (TJMAXX) Sandals (Marshalls) Necklace (JewelMint) Watch (Fossil)
It's the first of November, but that doesn't mean much here in Texas. It's still warm and dressing in lovely layered fall clothes is not an option. (It's definitely NOT sweater weather!) Enter the warm weather sweater...appropriate for fall without making you sweat. Love it! (I linked similar jeans, but mine were $20 not $70!)


A Week of Celebrating Sean's Sixth!

Sean turned six on the 2nd and we ended up having three separate celebrations for him, one with my side, one with friends, and one with Ryan's side. We had so much dessert last week I need to give up sugar again to make up for it! Everyone had fun though, and we're so proud of our smart, fun, six year old! On Sean's actual birthday we treated him and his friends to 2 hours at a local trampoline park. It was the perfect spot for a bunch of active kids to jump around to their heart's content!
My friend Karen made the most delicious cupcakes for Sean!
The kids had a blast and several of us parents jumped as well. We can't wait to go back soon, even though we were sore and tired afterwards! Connor actually took a LONG nap, unheard of!! We appreciated that for sure.
This was from the dinner at my sister's house. That candle we picked out was a sparkler and it spooked Sean a bit!
Connor wanted the presents to be for him!

My brother-in-law's clown fish.
Chris and Rachel. Thank you for hosting!
The cousins enjoying their ice cream cake.
Nana and the birthday boy!
The last celebration was at our house with the Foxes. We just had pizza and salad and tea and more ice cream cake! It was sweet and low key and the perfect way to end Sean's birthday week!