Warm Weather Sweater

Sweater (TJMAXX) Jeans (TJMAXX) Sandals (Marshalls) Necklace (JewelMint) Watch (Fossil)
It's the first of November, but that doesn't mean much here in Texas. It's still warm and dressing in lovely layered fall clothes is not an option. (It's definitely NOT sweater weather!) Enter the warm weather sweater...appropriate for fall without making you sweat. Love it! (I linked similar jeans, but mine were $20 not $70!)


A Beachy Laundry Room

I recently made a few tweaks to my laundry room to make it a little more organized and cohesive and wanted to share the results with you all. The "art" in here is not permanent...it's just two quick paintings I did for fun a few years ago. Since there was no hanging hardware on the canvases I just used office clips to put them up. (The clips were different colors so I used a metallic gold marker to make them match!) I've had the ceramic fish (from Target) in other spots in my house over the years, but now it's been regulated to the laundry room to add to the beachy vibe! I also have my Norwex laundry detergent in a pretty glass jar on the shelf along with baskets for storage. I picked up a small rug from Marshall's for the space as well.
On the other side of the room I've got more baskets on the shelves for towels, quilts, batteries, lightbulbs, and my purse, beach bag and picnic bag are there too, ready to go whenever I need them. The baskets on the floor store TP, Kleenex boxes, paper bags etc. The hanging storage is for my boys' shoes and my casual shoes (flip flops/sneakers), my nice shoes are in my closet. My vacuum, mop and broom are tucked away in the corner you can't see here. And lastly, the top shelf holds our big comforters and pillows not currently being used.
I love having a peaceful, clean space to fold clothes and it only took a few baskets and decorative accents to finish off the space...for now! (An organizational freak's job is never done!)


A Week of Celebrating Sean's Sixth!

Sean turned six on the 2nd and we ended up having three separate celebrations for him, one with my side, one with friends, and one with Ryan's side. We had so much dessert last week I need to give up sugar again to make up for it! Everyone had fun though, and we're so proud of our smart, fun, six year old! On Sean's actual birthday we treated him and his friends to 2 hours at a local trampoline park. It was the perfect spot for a bunch of active kids to jump around to their heart's content!
My friend Karen made the most delicious cupcakes for Sean!
The kids had a blast and several of us parents jumped as well. We can't wait to go back soon, even though we were sore and tired afterwards! Connor actually took a LONG nap, unheard of!! We appreciated that for sure.
This was from the dinner at my sister's house. That candle we picked out was a sparkler and it spooked Sean a bit!
Connor wanted the presents to be for him!

My brother-in-law's clown fish.
Chris and Rachel. Thank you for hosting!
The cousins enjoying their ice cream cake.
Nana and the birthday boy!
The last celebration was at our house with the Foxes. We just had pizza and salad and tea and more ice cream cake! It was sweet and low key and the perfect way to end Sean's birthday week!