Shirt & Shorts (Old Navy) Boots (Marshalls) Watch (Fossil)
I've been feeling pretty frazzled lately, especially after a weekend spent at home with a sick baby (just a cold thankfully), and then getting sick myself. Lack of sleep and falling back into poor eating habits don't help either. (Like that scone pictured above!) I've gained some weight back and that sends me into a cycle of feeling bad about myself and then eating sweets to feel better, and then feeling like a failure for not having better self-control. I need to pray for strength to do what's right for my health instead of giving into the momentary pleasure of junk food. I know I feel better and have more energy when I follow a paleo diet, but I keep slipping up and vowing to "do better tomorrow." Last week I made cookies and strawberry cobbler for the family, and today it was a toddler on a nap strike that drove me to sweets. Ryan rescued us from cabin fever after work and we went for a drive and picked up coffee and dessert. We eventually wound up at a dead end street in a neighborhood nearby and stopped to watch the deer we saw in the surrounding field. It was nice to see a bit of nature in the middle of the city. We also did some window shopping and let the kids burn off some energy running around before heading back home. I thought for sure Connor would nap after that but NOPE! Still flat-out refused to fall asleep. It would be fine if he wasn't tired and didn't need to sleep, (when he's well-rested he's a joy to be around!) but he was delirious with exhaustion and acting out because of it. He finally passed out at 7:30, which means an early morning is in store for me tomorrow... Oh well, at least Sean went to bed early as well and I've had some time to get my feelings out here. It's true what everyone says, blogging is therapeutic y'all! Here's to making better choices tomorrow and God bless husbands for treating tired mommies well!
Anticipating Flashback Fashion Fridays: Four years ago I was blogging about this fall outfit I put together:
I still like it and how appropriate are the deer earrings considering my little encounter today! :)
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Jeans and a Teacup


Autumn Colors

Dress (Target) Bag (Target) Sandals (Ross) Watch (Fossil)
I bought this dress a few months ago and finally got around to wearing it last Sunday to church with the family and then out to lunch afterwards. We put Connor down for a nap when we got home and Sean had already changed into his "soft shorts" (what he calls his comfy exercise shorts) so it was just me for the pics. I think I'll like this outfit more when it's cooler out and I can do some layering with it. Anyway, obligatory mention of fall...my DIY autumn wreath is up again. I did wait until September 1st to put it up, even if fall doesn't officially start until the 23rd (according to google).  Fall in south Texas comes even later, but when you're inside (with the a/c on!) you can fake the feeling of fall with nice scented candles, hot chocolate for the boys and maybe a pumpkin here or there. 
Jeans and a Teacup
Linking up again with the lovely Adri and Jessica from Adri Lately and Jeans and a Teacup with Flashback Fashion Fridays. Exactly four years ago (tomorrow) I posted this outfit:

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Not Too Shabby - Chairish Design Challenge

Not Too Shabby
I was recently invited to participate in a design board challenge by the Community Manager from Chairish, an online resource for vintage and used furniture. The theme this month was Shabby Chic with an emphasis on mixing and matching styles to make an incredible space! After perusing the many amazing options available at Chairish, I felt inspired to create a dining room that combined elements of shabby chic and classic elegance.

I chose some of my main pieces from the shabby chic section of the website: a rustic wooden table, an amazing distressed wood chandelier, and a unique cerused oak credenza. The mirror and bowl also fell under the shabby chic category. Next I chose a graphic zigzag patterned rug, black glossy chairs and brass decorative accents to mix in some polished and timeless style. I love the end result and I hope you all do too! It was fun spending time on Chairish to make this design board, plus I learned what cerused means in the process!