Shorts and Tights in the Middle of Nowhere

(Top and purse from Kohl's, shorts from Ross, tights from Forever 21, shoes from Payless, bracelet from JewelMint)
I wore this on Saturday out on a date in celebration of my anniversary. After dropping Sean off at his grandparents we drove down the road to find a spot to take a few pics. By the time we stopped we were getting pretty close to the river and my hubby was nervous about getting kidnapped by the Zetas. We saw a couple of people on horseback and a fox, but thankfully no cartel members.  
I LOVE my new bracelet from JewelMint. I was so thrilled to win this amazing giveaway from the sweet Lindsay over at Delighted Momma! I picked this whimsical bracelet for myself and some other items for family members. They took a week to arrive and came in lovely boxes ready to be gifted! I can't wait!
I feel so blessed to have this funny, sweet guy as my husband! (He's easy on the eyes too!)
We tried out a new Vietnamese restaurant in town and were quite pleased with the delicious summer rolls and humongous bowls of noodle soup. We had plenty left over for dinner the next day!
We were going to stop at a new coffee shop after dinner, but it was closed. The next choice was Starbucks but everyone else had the same idea and it was PACKED. We ended up at a little place called Chocolateka instead and enjoyed some treats. 
We also did some last minute Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews. We found a little light-up light saber and had to pick it up for Sean. He can't get enough of it! (Ryan either apparently) Best five dollars spent ever! (Yes that paci is back to stay for a while!) Oh and later that night my integrity got tested when we realized the cashier didn't charge us for one of the items we got (worth 15 bucks). The idea of keeping it was tempting but my conscience wouldn't let me live with that so the next day I went back to pay for it. The cashier seemed surprised and said it was very honest of me! Honesty is the best policy!


Sequins and Sparkles...or Lack Thereof.

(Top from Charlotte Russe, skirt: gift from mom, shoes from Payless, earrings from Kohl's, 
gold bracelets from Kristin Hassan, silver & swarovski crystal bracelet from Ruche, silver ichthus bracelet: gift)
Everybody, Everywear totally snuck up on me this month! At the last minute I realized that sequins and sparkles are not well represented in my closet. In fact, the only item I have with a few sequins on it is this horse tee from Old Navy... and that just wasn't going to cut it! Since I missed out on the last couple of months of Everybody, Everywear, I really wanted to participate despite the dismal realization that I have a boring closet. I dug around and found this reallllly old top that has a nice shimmery pattern on it, pulled out my gold metallic wedding heels, stacked some shiny bracelets together, put on some dangly earrings, and (with the addition of the skirt of course) I had myself an outfit! The kiddo was napping, the hubby was at work, and I certainly wasn't lounging around the house in this outfit, so this was essentially a 25 year old woman playing dress up. That's acceptable right? 
I decided to add my Friday's Fancies outfit on to this post since the theme is sparkle and shine and that goes perfectly with the EveryBody, Everywear challenge! I kinda sorta based my outfit on the one I had fun putting together up above (minus the gold accents). Make sure to check out all the sparkly goodness going on at long distance loving this week! Oh and Thursday was my four year anniversary! We enjoyed a long walk with the little man, time at the playground together, and a yummy dinner cooked by moi. We'll be celebrating with a dinner out on Saturday!


Rain Rain Go Away

(Blazer from Macy's, top from Target, jeans from Kohl's, earrings from New York & Company, scarf and flats: gift, bracelet from Ruche)
Not! I LOVE rain! We get it so rarely down here that we're thankful for any we can get. It's actually been raining or drizzling non-stop for the last few days, and although it works a number on my hair, I'm totally fine with the frizz if it means getting to enjoy beautiful grey, stormy days! It's also been pretty cold, so I pulled out my old blazer and paired it with a comfy sweater and a soft scarf. Oh and I won a gift card to Ruche recently from Moda Mama and I picked this brushed silver bracelet. I love how delicate it is and the touch of sparkle too! We went to church yesterday, took Sean to play at the new McDonald's playground, then had lunch at my mom's. (It was fun visiting and thanks for the pics Mom!) Later I went shopping for the little boy I chose from the JCP angel tree, and then in the evening cooked dinner for Ryan and my sister in law and laughed a bunch at funny youtube videos. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Silver and Gold Holiday Party - Friday's Fancies

I would love to wear this to a holiday party! There's lots of silver and gold metallic action going on here, which is something I can't seem to get enough of lately! If I had extra money I would probably pick up items similar to each of these ones, but as it is I'm content keeping my wallet safely tucked away in my purse! I balanced out the glitzy top with basic black pants, and the statement necklace with simple earrings and bracelets. I thought the shoes were lovely, but honestly I've never worn heels that high and I probably never will unless I want to tower over people. Sometimes I envy petite women who can rock a super high heel, but then I remember how comfortable flats are in comparison and I'm fine!
(Linking up to {AV's} Long Distance Loving!)
Anyway, this week was a doozie! I decided to put Sean's pacifiers away because I didn't want his teeth getting damaged, I wanted his mouth to be free for learning to talk, and I just figured that at 16 months he was old enough to do without it. Boy was I wrong. Thankfully Sean still slept normally, but when he was awake he was even more cranky and whiny than usual. I stuck with my decision however, until Wednesday when we had a friend over and Sean needed to nap but no matter what we did he wouldn't go to sleep. He was screaming and carrying on for what seemed like ages (in front of our friend) so I caved and brought the paci out and he calmed down and went to sleep! So much for my plan! If any moms would care to chime in, I'd love to hear at what age you put your kids' pacifiers away! Oh and I did have a wonderful time at the playground with Sean today. He behaved so well and we both enjoyed the beautiful 50 degree weather! When he's good he's really good and such a joy to be around! 



(Sweater from Goodwill, top and bag from Target, jeans from Old Navy, shoes from Ross, watch from Fossil, bracelets I made)
Here's what I wore on Sunday to church and then out on a date with the hubby. Thankfully it was starting to get a bit cold that day and I was able to wear some layers to hide my post-Thanksgiving bulge. The scale says I only gained a pound...but it feels like so much more on my body! I didn't do myself a favor by indulging in so much sugar because now I'm craving it a lot more and feeling sluggish and nasty! The last few days I've been trying to get back on track with my eating and exercising though, so hopefully I'll feel better soon! (Speaking of exercising, wasn't that marathon on The Biggest Loser tonight crazy?!? When that sand storm came up it looked pretty epic!) 

Anyway, since Sean baby was at my mom's house for the afternoon we decided to get some lunch and then do some browsing at Academy and Home Depot (we were checking out prices for gun cleaning kits and Christmas trees). I love big trees but I just feel like Sean would be alternating from tearing off ornaments and trying to eat the pine needles all day, so we might get a really small little table top one instead. If we do, I'll have to find someplace else to put this centerpiece I put together out of ornaments, pine cones and ribbon. Oh and is it weird that I hung our wreath inside the door? I want to be able to see it more than just when I'm coming or going. If that doesn't qualify as weird, I'm pretty sure the fact that I get covered in goose bumps after I sneeze does! 
(Linking up this centerpiece to Marilyn's Linky Party! Go check out the awesome creative stuff going on there please!) 


Home on the Range

My dad was an excellent marksman and my mom is an amazing shot as well. Even my sisters are good but I was always the only one in the family who couldn't shoot well! Last Saturday we went to the range to do some practice shooting and I finally lived up to the family standard! It felt so good to get near the bullseye again and again. That shot under the center of the target was mine! (Yes, we took the shotgun to it too!)
We demolished that target, it was so much fun! Thankfully we got a beautiful day to be outside too.
The guys were good at shooting clay pigeons but for the life of me I couldn't get a hit in! Next time I better!



This week Friday Fancies over at Long Distance Loving is going red to support Join (RED) and its mission to fight the AIDS epidemic. Go here to shop in support of (RED)! I went the deep red route and made two looks on the opposite end of the style spectrum. I think the dress above would be so nice to wear to a wedding or a fancy date and the chocolate pumps compliment it nicely. I honestly think I like my casual outfit better though because I am a creature of comfort and love hanging around the house in my pajamas, glasses and hideous fuzzy slippers. 

On a completely unrelated topic, I really need prayer this week for patience with Sean. I find myself getting overwhelmed and wishing that parenting didn't have to be so hard! Sean is very strong-willed and the last few days I've been so stressed as I try to deal with the tantrums he throws every time I change his diaper or have to stop him from messing with something he's not supposed to. (dishwasher dials, computer keyboard, etc.) He's also in a particularly whiny and clingy stage and he's not even into the "terrible twos" yet! I love all the good moments of being a mom, it's just a shame there's so many unpleasant ones too!