(Sweater from Goodwill, top and bag from Target, jeans from Old Navy, shoes from Ross, watch from Fossil, bracelets I made)
Here's what I wore on Sunday to church and then out on a date with the hubby. Thankfully it was starting to get a bit cold that day and I was able to wear some layers to hide my post-Thanksgiving bulge. The scale says I only gained a pound...but it feels like so much more on my body! I didn't do myself a favor by indulging in so much sugar because now I'm craving it a lot more and feeling sluggish and nasty! The last few days I've been trying to get back on track with my eating and exercising though, so hopefully I'll feel better soon! (Speaking of exercising, wasn't that marathon on The Biggest Loser tonight crazy?!? When that sand storm came up it looked pretty epic!) 

Anyway, since Sean baby was at my mom's house for the afternoon we decided to get some lunch and then do some browsing at Academy and Home Depot (we were checking out prices for gun cleaning kits and Christmas trees). I love big trees but I just feel like Sean would be alternating from tearing off ornaments and trying to eat the pine needles all day, so we might get a really small little table top one instead. If we do, I'll have to find someplace else to put this centerpiece I put together out of ornaments, pine cones and ribbon. Oh and is it weird that I hung our wreath inside the door? I want to be able to see it more than just when I'm coming or going. If that doesn't qualify as weird, I'm pretty sure the fact that I get covered in goose bumps after I sneeze does! 
(Linking up this centerpiece to Marilyn's Linky Party! Go check out the awesome creative stuff going on there please!) 


  1. beautiful outfit, you look pretty!

  2. I sneeze when my hair/eyelashes get pullednor anytime inhave something mint,

  3. I LOVE this sweater! Great stripes.

  4. I adore your sweater.. So pretty : )) Great selfie's..

  5. Goodwill is full of hidden treasures ♥

    You look stunning as always Val!