Rain Rain Go Away

(Blazer from Macy's, top from Target, jeans from Kohl's, earrings from New York & Company, scarf and flats: gift, bracelet from Ruche)
Not! I LOVE rain! We get it so rarely down here that we're thankful for any we can get. It's actually been raining or drizzling non-stop for the last few days, and although it works a number on my hair, I'm totally fine with the frizz if it means getting to enjoy beautiful grey, stormy days! It's also been pretty cold, so I pulled out my old blazer and paired it with a comfy sweater and a soft scarf. Oh and I won a gift card to Ruche recently from Moda Mama and I picked this brushed silver bracelet. I love how delicate it is and the touch of sparkle too! We went to church yesterday, took Sean to play at the new McDonald's playground, then had lunch at my mom's. (It was fun visiting and thanks for the pics Mom!) Later I went shopping for the little boy I chose from the JCP angel tree, and then in the evening cooked dinner for Ryan and my sister in law and laughed a bunch at funny youtube videos. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. Love your whole outfit! It's super cute. And yay for rain in Texas! I'll be back in just a few weeks and hope that next year isn't as dry as this year!

  2. I love rainy days too- especially stormy ones! I only hate the rain when I have to walk to class in it.