My Baby Shower Fiesta

I'm playing catch up on this old blog of mine with the main "events" that happened this year, and I realized I hadn't posted pictures from the baby shower my family threw me back in April!
We feasted on taco salad, taquitos, chips, fruit salad, little pastries, lime sherbet punch, mint M&Ms, and tres leches cake with fruit on top. (All my faves!) I tried to pick lots of green things to stick with the color scheme. I also made white chocolate spoons as favors for everybody and made a wreath to hang on my front door-- since I had so much free time back then only having one kid... haha!
We had fun playing a few non-embarrassing games (no guessing the size of my huge baby bump!) and then decorated a bunch of onesies for Connor. They came out so cute and I've enjoyed remembering the love from my family and friends every time Connor wears one! Speaking of Connor, he might be waking me up soon to nurse so I better get some sleep!


Four Years

 Sean turned 4 last month! We threw a pirate-y bash for him and he absolutely loved it!
We served fresh fruit and veggies, chips, goldfish, cocktail shrimp, fish sticks and brisket sandwiches with Swedish fish and cupcakes for dessert. 
 The kids played outside in the pool and ate picnic style on beach towels afterwards.
 Last year Sean didn't like being the center of attention and refused to pose with his cake, but this time he was in seventh heaven! (I think he appreciated the spotlight for a bit after everything's been all about baby for a while!) He even did the "royal wave" for his grandpa! 
Everyone had a lot of fun and I can't wait to plan his next birthday party!
Here's some of his favorite things at age 4:
Fave color: "Purpoh."
Fave number: "10."
Fave letter: "S for my name!"
Fave food: "Eggplant." (We had just had chicken with eggplant for lunch)
Fave drink: "Nemonade, water, apple juice and milt." (milk)
Fave animal: "Lion...never mind they're too scary. Elenent! They're nice!" (Elephant)
Fave song: "My God is so Great."
Fave baby: "Tonnor and baby Chichen." (what he calls Connor and Christian, his cousin)
Fave toy: "My tying airplane and tying submarine." (Still can't say "f's")
Fave game: "Uno and Tazy 8's and Go Fish." (Crazy 8's)
Fave plant: "Venus Ty Trap, because it eats ties." (Fly and flies)
Fave show: "Busytown Mysteries and even Batman."
Fave place to go: "The playground mall, and my other tavorite place to go is the outside park and the inside playground at Tik Tiway." (Chick fil A)


Tummy Time

To borrow my husband's favorite phrase (to make fun of), I can't even! 
Those eyes! Those lashes! Those cheeks! Love love love.


South Padre Island

Last week we spent a few days at South Padre Island for a little family vacation! We enjoyed introducing Connor to the ocean for the first time and despite the look of indifference in the photos, he actually did like the water. I will say that traveling with a four year old and a three month old is kind of crazy though! Between potty breaks and nursing stops the trip doubled in time, which led to some stressful meltdowns in the car. We're going back next June though! Some insanity in the car is worth it to get back to that gorgeous beach! Next time I might just take the portable DVD player though...