My Baby Shower Fiesta

I'm playing catch up on this old blog of mine with the main "events" that happened this year, and I realized I hadn't posted pictures from the baby shower my family threw me back in April!
We feasted on taco salad, taquitos, chips, fruit salad, little pastries, lime sherbet punch, mint M&Ms, and tres leches cake with fruit on top. (All my faves!) I tried to pick lots of green things to stick with the color scheme. I also made white chocolate spoons as favors for everybody and made a wreath to hang on my front door-- since I had so much free time back then only having one kid... haha!
We had fun playing a few non-embarrassing games (no guessing the size of my huge baby bump!) and then decorated a bunch of onesies for Connor. They came out so cute and I've enjoyed remembering the love from my family and friends every time Connor wears one! Speaking of Connor, he might be waking me up soon to nurse so I better get some sleep!

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