Not Too Shabby - Chairish Design Challenge

Not Too Shabby
I was recently invited to participate in a design board challenge by the Community Manager from Chairish, an online resource for vintage and used furniture. The theme this month was Shabby Chic with an emphasis on mixing and matching styles to make an incredible space! After perusing the many amazing options available at Chairish, I felt inspired to create a dining room that combined elements of shabby chic and classic elegance.

I chose some of my main pieces from the shabby chic section of the website: a rustic wooden table, an amazing distressed wood chandelier, and a unique cerused oak credenza. The mirror and bowl also fell under the shabby chic category. Next I chose a graphic zigzag patterned rug, black glossy chairs and brass decorative accents to mix in some polished and timeless style. I love the end result and I hope you all do too! It was fun spending time on Chairish to make this design board, plus I learned what cerused means in the process!


What I Wore: 96 Degrees

Tee and Shorts (Old Navy) Sandals (Target) Bag (Gift) Watch (Fossil) Sunglasses (Kohl's)
You know it's been hot lately when you step out into 96 degree weather and think it feels cool! The Texan temps lately have been at least 10 degrees higher than that so today was a nice reprieve. I didn't bother with any extra layers though! A soft tee and my trusty four year old denim shorts were just the thing to stay cool and comfortable while grabbing lunch with the family and running some errands. Next on the agenda is to hit up the pool when the baby wakes up! Enjoy your weekend y'all!
Jeans and a Teacup
Oh and I'm linking up to Adri Lately and Jeans and a Teacup with Flashback Fashion Fridays (a day late, oops)! Around this time four years ago I posted this outfit! It's certainly a lot more feminine than today's sporty look!
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Sean's Fifth! A Lego Robot Party

Robot Lego Party Commence!
I made Mr. Robot Man from tissue paper and wrapping paper. The kids had fun posing with him!
For the robot containers I just covered cylindrical tissue holders with tape and then decorated them with pom poms for eyes, pipe cleaners for arms, and card stock designs for the front panels. I used a few rubber bands as well to separate the different parts of the robot. Sean helped and now they're being used to hold his paint brushes. Waste not, want not!
We had a variety of snacks available, (junk food and healthy options) and a bunch of pizza, plus favor bags filled with an assortment of twizzlers for the kids to take home. I made the banner and Ryan, Sean and I worked on the big lego robots.
And to continue in the tradition of last year's birthday post, here are some of Sean's favorite things at age 5:
Favorite color: "Uh, black. Actually I think I don't like black, I like blue."
Favorite number: "5."
Favorite letter: "Well, J."
Favorite food: "Mac and cheese."
Fave drink: "Dr Pepper." (Treat on his birthday!)
Favorite animal: "Elephant."
Favorite song: "The VBS songs."
Favorite baby: "Connor!"
Favorite toy: "I like my plane and my Millennium falcon."
Favorite Robot: "The one you made on the table at my party because the lip goes up."
Favorite game: "Jenga."
Favorite plant: "Connorbee." *With a laugh*
Favorite show: "Reading Rainbow and Space Racers."
Favorite book: The big and the little Dr. Seuss books."
Favorite part of Kindergarten: I like when  you color and cut out papers and cutting out the fruit today."
Favorite place to go: Restaurants and stores.
Love you buddy! Never change!!

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Easy Master Bedroom Improvements: Part Two

After looking at the last post I just wasn't satisfied with the layout of the room...so I went back to the drawing board! I've been liking the look of desks next to the bed lately, so I thought I would try it out in my own space. Tried it, loved it!! I know it's silly to get so excited about moving a piece of furniture...but something about this arrangement just feels right. I already used it for devotions and to do my makeup yesterday. I foresee myself getting lots of use out of it in this location. Plus I get to watch Sean playing outside! Removing the clunky old computer from the desk freed up the space for writing, drawing, etc, and when we get a laptop soon it will fit just fine. (Anyone have any good laptop recommendations?)
I saw a picture of this room from almost two years ago and got inspired to bring the same artwork and bedspread back in. The blue comforter from the last post got the boot! Next Sean and I got to work painting an abstract piece for that old frame I had. We just used the board that was inside the frame and grabbed some blue, green, white and yellow tempera paints and played around with the colors until we liked it! Sean had so much fun and I think the final product ties in well with the other abstract art in the room. Below is the beginning of a (dare I say it?) gallery wall! A picture from our wedding day and Connor and Sean as little babies went up as well. It's on the wall that the desk used to be on and there's plenty of room to grow over time!
Ok, last shot of my new fave spot in the house, complete with the face of a rascal trying to steal my pencils! Adios!
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Easy Master Bedroom Improvements

I recently made a few small changes to our master bedroom to spruce things up a bit without spending any money. We have yet to buy a new bed frame after our last one broke, and I was tired of looking at our mattresses sitting directly on the floor. They're still on the floor, but with the addition of a bedskirt and a larger comforter (that we already owned), it's not quite as obvious! I also pulled out the leather part of our old headboard and propped it up behind the mattress. It's comfortable to lean back on, but it's just a temporary fix since they're not attached to anything. Eventually we'll buy a nice new bed, but in the meantime this will do the trick! I swapped out the two tree pictures for an old frame full of my son's artwork too. It's nice to add a personal touch to the space, even though I'd prefer one large piece of his work rather than several small papers in the frame. That's something I can switch out later after I find the right size paper for him to create with.
I made some quick feather art using my charcoal set and three blank canvases I already had to dress up the top of my bookcase. I rearranged the shelves while I was at it and threw out the dust jackets of my Chronicles of Narnia set. The black and gold binding was a lovely surprise and it adds just the right touch to the styling of the shelf! 
It felt good being able to freshen up our space by utilizing things we already owned, and down the line I look forward to working on our wishlist! New floors, new paint and some new furniture!


What We Wore: Nautical Blues

V: Dress (TJMAXX) Sandals (Ross) Bracelets (Loft)
S: Top (Gift) Pants (Target) Shoes (Target)
C: Romper (Carter's) Shoes (Marshalls)
Last Sunday was Sean's 5th birthday! We celebrated with family and friends on Saturday and had lots of fun! I'll put up a post soon with pics from his party. If you want mediocre ideas for a robot lego party...check back later this week! Hah!

We wore these outfits to church on Sunday. Well, Sean and I did, Connor was still napping when it was time to leave so Ryan stayed home with him. Sean's been staying in the service since children's church is out for the summer, but we survived with plenty of crayons and activity books. After church we ran to Target to spend Sean's birthday money! He picked this lego set (his first big kid set) and we've been enjoying putting the different creatures together. I broke a nail trying to get two pieces apart though! A lego brick separator has already been ordered to prevent that happening again.

I'm happy I fit into this dress again! The last time I wore it was to my cousin's wedding in 2012! (Here) This time I tied it in the back and added a "pop of color" with the shoes. (Sorry I know that term is overused in the fashion/decorating world!) Anyway, I hear the boys making a huge mess in my closet so I'll stop here! Have a good week!