Sean's Fifth! A Lego Robot Party

Robot Lego Party Commence!
I made Mr. Robot Man from tissue paper and wrapping paper. The kids had fun posing with him!
For the robot containers I just covered cylindrical tissue holders with tape and then decorated them with pom poms for eyes, pipe cleaners for arms, and card stock designs for the front panels. I used a few rubber bands as well to separate the different parts of the robot. Sean helped and now they're being used to hold his paint brushes. Waste not, want not!
We had a variety of snacks available, (junk food and healthy options) and a bunch of pizza, plus favor bags filled with an assortment of twizzlers for the kids to take home. I made the banner and Ryan, Sean and I worked on the big lego robots.
And to continue in the tradition of last year's birthday post, here are some of Sean's favorite things at age 5:
Favorite color: "Uh, black. Actually I think I don't like black, I like blue."
Favorite number: "5."
Favorite letter: "Well, J."
Favorite food: "Mac and cheese."
Fave drink: "Dr Pepper." (Treat on his birthday!)
Favorite animal: "Elephant."
Favorite song: "The VBS songs."
Favorite baby: "Connor!"
Favorite toy: "I like my plane and my Millennium falcon."
Favorite Robot: "The one you made on the table at my party because the lip goes up."
Favorite game: "Jenga."
Favorite plant: "Connorbee." *With a laugh*
Favorite show: "Reading Rainbow and Space Racers."
Favorite book: The big and the little Dr. Seuss books."
Favorite part of Kindergarten: I like when  you color and cut out papers and cutting out the fruit today."
Favorite place to go: Restaurants and stores.
Love you buddy! Never change!!

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  1. LOVE the last pictures with the 5 and robot, bet he had a blast!

  2. What an adorable birthday celebration!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire