Hello and welcome!
I originally started this little blog to keep me accountable on my journey towards health and fitness after having a baby, but very quickly I realized that I wanted to broaden my horizons, so to speak, concerning style. That's why now there's a mix of weekly weigh-in posts, outfit posts, and of course lots of photos of my family life, because after God, my family means everything to me! 

Some info about me: I believe in Jesus as my Savior. My dad was a pastor and my mom home-schooled my sisters and I to be able to use some really amazing Christian curriculum. I read really fast and I love starting and finishing a book in one day, if I have time. (Not as much of that available now that I'm a mom though!) I play piano and guitar, but am pretty rusty since I don't practice anymore. I love my husband and my little boy very much and look forward to having more kids someday. I love design, photography, science fiction and fantasy movies and books, and on and off I go through computer gaming phases. I love to organize and if I wasn't staying home to raise my son, I think I could be perfectly happy being a professional organizer! 

-Val Fox, A Texan Odyssey, 2011.
I'm now the mom to two little boys! Baby Connor joined our family in June of 2014. He's a blue-eyed, red haired little angel and I can't get enough of him! He's very loved by our firstborn, Sean, (born in August of 2010) who calls him "his baby." Sean surprises us every day with his developing sense of humor and keeps us on our toes with his strong will and never-ending energy. 

My husband works nights as a supervisor at UPS. It's a tough schedule, and we miss him when he's asleep during the day, but I'm very grateful for the sacrifices he makes for his family.  

I've got baby weight to lose all over again and I'm back on my quest... or odyssey (see what I did there?!) for a happy, healthy life! 
-Val Fox, A Texan Odyssey, September 30th, 2014.