Sean's Sixth Sense

(Jacket from Macy's I think...it's really old, dress from Goodwill, boots from Kohl's, purse from Target)
It seems that Sean can sense when a playground is nearby! He's never played at the little one next to our church before, but this Sunday when we got out of the service he made a bee line for it! Ryan and I laughed so hard when he went through the window of a tiny little playhouse. All you could see was his little shoes and jeans. We love that silly boy!
I wore this dress only once before (seen here), and I like how different it looks with layers and boots! I really wish the cool weather lasted longer down in here South Texas. I honestly would live in boots and sweaters all the time! I'm finally realizing that I prefer winter fashion! Maybe because I can try to hide my soft post-baby stomach and pasty white legs...but also because it's so easy to change the look of an outfit with layers. Anyway, isn't my niece the cutest thing? I want a little girl of my own already! (Although I'd love another little boy too!) We just want Ryan to have a better paying job first, because our little one bedroom apartment is already bursting at the seams with the three of us! 


I Can't Get Enough of Striped Tanks

(Tank from Bealls, jeans from Old Navy, heels from Shoe Carnival, 
earrings from Forever 21, bracelet from Victoria's Secret, Steve Madden sunglasses)
You can't really tell from the pics but the striped tank I'm wearing has tiny clear sequins all over it! Aren't I just getting so adventurous? No but seriously, baby steps people! Since I was too late to get on the blog swap bandwagon for this week's Friday's Fancies, I took the striped tank + sweater + jeans thing I was feeling and ran with it instead. I stuck with a very simple color palette for each look and added in some accessories to tie everything together. I would wear the first look out to run errands, the second look to take my son to the park, and the third look out on a fancy date with my man. Speaking of dates, I would love to go on one this weekend, anyone want to babysit? =) Color Coordinated One
Color Coordinated Two

Color Coordinated Three

Here are two outfits I LOVE with similar concepts, just with blazers instead of sweaters layered over the tanks.
(Source, Source)


Quick Update

Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn for Ryan's agility test for the fire department. Sean and I went along for moral support and hung out in the parking lot waiting for Ryan to finish. I showed Sean the fire trucks, let him play with the dials in the front seat of our car (engine off) and fed him raisins one at a time to keep him from getting fussy. Sadly we got bad news at the end of of it though, Ryan missed passing the wall test by three seconds! He got over both walls twice in 33 seconds instead of 30 and was disqualified from the test. It was so frustrating for him to be soooo close to passing this obstacle that's been stressing him out for months, but I am so incredibly proud of him for all the wonderful progress he's made. We don't know what God's plan is for us right now (reapplying in six months or searching out a new career path) but we're confidant that He's watching out for us. 


I Love Me Some Purple and Yellow

Remember last week when I got the weeks for Friday's Fancies mixed up? Well this week I decided to do a combination of the two. I started with this great pin I found (I just love the sequined tank/yellow blazer/boyfriend jean combo) and added an amazing pair of purple and taupe color block wedges to my outfit remake of it. That let me get my outfit inspiration AND my color crush (purple and yellow, if you didn't notice) in my Friday's Fancies. Then at that point I was looking for some confirmation that my color crush was an acceptable one so I did some "research" and found Kendi and various other pins and paraphernalia sporting the same color combo and I was content! 


The Turtle Club

(Top, boots & earrings from Kohl's, jeans from Ross, watch from Fossil, purse gifted from Mom (Chinese Laundry)
I've been wearing blue jeans way too much recently so I forced myself to wear my pink pants again! This time I paired them with brown tones instead of the usual grey I've done in the past. I think I like it but wasn't 100% sold. I was at my sister and brother-in-law's house for lunch on Sunday and my mom took these pics in their pretty backyard. I missed church because Sean is still sick with a cold and we wouldn't be able to leave him in the nursery during the service, but I'm sure he'll be better by next week and we won't have to miss again. We got to enjoy the cooler weather with a nice long walk in the morning and lots of time at the playground. Sean can now go up and down the big slide all on his own!

Oh and about Ryan's agility test. He was able to get over the 6 foot wall once, but the second time around his arm muscles gave out because he's been working them way too hard in preparation for the test. He was able to finish all the other parts of the test within the time allotted though, and next Saturday he'll have one last chance to get over the wall two times. If he can't do it there will be a 6 month wait before he's allowed to reapply to the fire department, so we are still hoping and praying he'll be able to get over that wall! He is going to rest his arms all week and hopefully recover from the cold that he got from Sean too!

(About the title...my niece's turtle is lost somewhere in the backyard I was in and I was wearing a turtleneck sweater...'nuff said!)