What We Wore: Old Navy for the Family

V: Old Navy dress and sweater (old), Gap sandals (old)
S: Old Navy shirt (current), Target shoes
Baby C: Old Navy shirt (current)

My sister-in-law graduated from college last Friday! We're so proud of her! We enjoyed her graduation party and snapped a few pics when we got back home. 

I went to Old Navy recently and found some cute stuff for the boys on sale. They're wearing the same shirt here but in different colors... coordinated but not matching exactly! 

We actually wore everything again for church on Sunday (after washing) and then to see Tomorrowland with my mom and Sean. It ended up being a little graphic (robot violence) and long for him but he said he still liked it. Anyway, I find repeating outfits on Sunday helps speed up the getting ready process. Too bad we were still a few minutes late to church! 


What We Wore: Chambray and Stripes, Blue and White

V: Shirt (Old Navy) Dress (TJMAXX) Sandals (Academy)
S: Shirt (Target) Shorts (Ross) Shoes (Ross)

I think I might start doing some outfit posts again, but I'll be doing them with my boy (or boys) in the pics along with me this time. I'd love to be able to look back and see how my babies are growing and changing rather than just a whole bunch of pics of me! Plus it's more fun than posing alone, something I've always felt awkward doing! This is what we wore to church today, and to the grocery store afterwards. Ryan took the boys to visit his parents after lunch and right now I've actually got some time to myself! I think I'll practice guitar, read a bit, and MAYBE get a workout in...fingers crossed I don't turn on Netflix instead!


Easy Mom Makeup and a Red Apple Lipstick Review

(The products I used)
As a mom, it seems like there is never enough time to get everything done in a day, but taking a few minutes to "put my face on" helps me feel put together even if I'm covered in baby snot everywhere else. (Got some nasty respiratory infections going on over here.) I had already washed/moisturized my face earlier in the morning, and when I put Connor down for his nap it only took me 8 minutes to complete this minimal makeup look. I started with some BB cream and while that was setting I curled my lashes. Next I used the Naked on the Run palette for a swipe of bronzer in a C shape from the top of my forehead to under my cheekbones. I used the same palette for blush, eye shadow, and filling in my eyebrows. (Incidentally I never noticed before that one is arched and one is straight...weird!) Then I put on some Almay eyeliner in brown topaz, Urban Decay mascara (from the same palette) and used Erase Paste on my blemishes/under eye area. I finished off with some powder and lipstick and balm and that was it! 

By the way, I recently developed an allergy to EVERY SINGLE lip product I owned! I threw everything out and tried several new brands, but they all made my lips chap to the point of cracking/peeling/bleeding. I went over a month with really painful lips and didn't know if I'd ever find anything to help. Then my mom told me her coworker recommended Red Apple lipstick for sensitive lips. After using the Rallye balm a few times my lips healed completely! I love the Sweet Pea shade of lipstick I ordered (gluten and paraben free) and I'm so pleased I can keep wearing lipstick without having an allergic reaction. This isn't a sponsored post, I'm just REALLY happy their products work for me. My mom loves the lipsticks she ordered as well!
Anyway, I've got laundry ready to throw in the dryer, lunch ready to go in the oven, a baby about to wake up and a big boy waiting for that food so off I go!

P.S. It feels good to blog again!


Backyard Fun

Sitting so sweetly!
Love Sean's smile!
Watching big bro and Daddy play soccer.
Action shot/ 1,2,3, Fly!