What We Wore: Chambray and Stripes, Blue and White

V: Shirt (Old Navy) Dress (TJMAXX) Sandals (Academy)
S: Shirt (Target) Shorts (Ross) Shoes (Ross)

I think I might start doing some outfit posts again, but I'll be doing them with my boy (or boys) in the pics along with me this time. I'd love to be able to look back and see how my babies are growing and changing rather than just a whole bunch of pics of me! Plus it's more fun than posing alone, something I've always felt awkward doing! This is what we wore to church today, and to the grocery store afterwards. Ryan took the boys to visit his parents after lunch and right now I've actually got some time to myself! I think I'll practice guitar, read a bit, and MAYBE get a workout in...fingers crossed I don't turn on Netflix instead!


  1. Love this look! Thanks for linking up!
    I'm following you too. Did you get that workout in?

    1. Sadly no! I ran out of time because I decided to patch a hole in my son's bathroom wall instead! I did get to practice guitar though. :)