Simple Weekend Look

Spring is here, (down here it feels like summer actually) and it's time for light dresses, gorgeous wedges, and bright happy bags. For those of you in places where it's still a bit cool, add in a sexy leather jacket in a fresh color like the one above! Of course I had to include touches of green in honor of last week's St. Patrick's Day. Plus, I just love green. Enjoy!

1. Stud earrings I got my sister for her birthday. 2. At lunch with my honey. 3. Sean in the new pool we got him.
4. Playing in Nana's backyard. 5. Pretty bubbles! 6. My new wedges from TJMAXX.
7. My mom and my niece. 8. The boys after I gave them haircuts. 9. Whole wheat pasta and shrimp. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the new wedges from TJMaxx. We are moving back to DC this summer and I can't wait to actually wear some cute sandals!