Progress at the A-Frame

We have been busy bees over here lately! I've been at the new place almost every day working on getting everything move-in-ready. My mom has been a huge help, and other friends and family have pitched in as well. Check out these before and after pics from the kitchen and bathroom of the A-Frame. We'll be moving in later this month and the days have just been flying by! I hope we can get everything done in time!
Both spaces are still works in progress of course. We are lacking some sort of window covering in the kitchen (not to mention all of our stuff moved in as well), and still need to put decorative accents, towels, etc. in the bathroom. I knew I wanted a beachy, light feel to the house so I painted the cabinets in both rooms white, put some creamy taupe on the walls (Sandstorm by Valspar in the kitchen and Arabian Sands by Behr in the bathroom), and spray-painted the hardware silver. Both rooms got new faucets, and in the bathroom we had a new light and sink/counter installed. I put in the new towel ring and TP holder, and my mom and I hung a 25 dollar mirror from Ross. Due to the positioning of the previous light we couldn't get the new one perfectly centered, but it's still a vast improvement to the outdated fixture that was up there before (not pictured). I'm still wanting to put bead board in the bathroom, but that project may not get done before we move. Oh and the light oval on the left of the picture is just a reflection of the flash in the mirror.

Other progress in the rest of the house has been painting all the ceilings white, (my mom and I did it all by ourselves!) pulling out the old carpet in the bedroom, painting all the trim white too, painting all walls with the sandstorm color, staining the bathroom pantry dark walnut, getting the plumbing fixed in the bathroom and kitchen, and filling the loft with stuff that's been stored in our current walk in closet. The last big project before moving in is putting in the new flooring. (All renovations have been funded by my mom by the way, she has been so generous and such a blessing to us while we're strapped for cash).

We've been having fun picking out a few new things here and there to go with the coastal theme. My birthday was back in June, and with some of my birthday money I bought some new lamps and storage baskets from Lowe's and Ross.
I also found some new pillows at Target (similar to the one below), on clearance for only six bucks each. Mine have less white and more navy in the scalloped pattern.
My mom bought a rug almost identical to this one for our new living room. (Which incidentally is going to be a living room/master bedroom combo since we're giving Sean the only bedroom.)
Speaking of rugs, when I have a few extra pennies to rub together I'm probably going to order this lovely one from Crate & Barrel (20 dollars for the 2'x3'). I would put it in the kitchen in front of the sink.
I've also recently become a coffee drinker (decaf is all I can handle though) so my mom bought Ryan and I these stackable coffee mugs from World Market. We were out of town in Austin last week and I made it a point to find our way to that store for them. I wish we had one in my town. I loved almost everything there.
I haven't bought this porcelain fish yet (Target for 20 dollars), but if it goes on sale I'm going to snatch it up!
Oh and I painted this for Sean! I painted over a set of four wall art panels I was tired of and got some inexpensive (just the cost of the acrylic paints) nautical art for Sean's new room. And yes, I realize a 3rd grader could have painted this. My mom and sis are the artistic ones in the family, but I had fun anyway!
I'm off to bed now, we have a busy weekend ahead of us!