Autumn Colors

Dress (Target) Bag (Target) Sandals (Ross) Watch (Fossil)
I bought this dress a few months ago and finally got around to wearing it last Sunday to church with the family and then out to lunch afterwards. We put Connor down for a nap when we got home and Sean had already changed into his "soft shorts" (what he calls his comfy exercise shorts) so it was just me for the pics. I think I'll like this outfit more when it's cooler out and I can do some layering with it. Anyway, obligatory mention of fall...my DIY autumn wreath is up again. I did wait until September 1st to put it up, even if fall doesn't officially start until the 23rd (according to google).  Fall in south Texas comes even later, but when you're inside (with the a/c on!) you can fake the feeling of fall with nice scented candles, hot chocolate for the boys and maybe a pumpkin here or there. 
Jeans and a Teacup
Linking up again with the lovely Adri and Jessica from Adri Lately and Jeans and a Teacup with Flashback Fashion Fridays. Exactly four years ago (tomorrow) I posted this outfit:

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