Fall is in the Air

Thunderstorms, falling leaves, soft light, fragrant coffee, cool breezes...my favorite time of year has arrived! Spending time outside is suddenly pleasant after months of intense heat, and plans for soccer matches with family, paintball with friends and cookouts with both are being made. Our weekends have been chock-full of fun lately and since Ryan's hours have been increased at work for the rest of the year we are enjoying a little more leeway with our budget. We also didn't have as big a fee as we expected from the apartment we moved out of! I am thankful for all God's blessings. Oh and we're planning a Fall Fest costume party in November and I can't wait to start shopping for costumes! Perhaps we'll be a family of pirates. ^_^


Moved? CHECK!

We moved into the A-Frame on August 25th and we have been so very happy there. Sean loves having his own room and we've loved not having to tip-toe around when he's asleep! (His crib was in our main living space in our old apartment.) I've had so much fun decorating, organizing, and making the house feel like a home. We do miss having internet, but we are spending more time together as a family and it just feels like a fresh new start for us! I can borrow my mom's internet from time to time to update here, read blogs, pay bills, etc., so it's not like I'm quitting the interwebs cold turkey! ;) Eventually I think it might be fun to go back to doing a few outfit posts here and there too!