Moved? CHECK!

We moved into the A-Frame on August 25th and we have been so very happy there. Sean loves having his own room and we've loved not having to tip-toe around when he's asleep! (His crib was in our main living space in our old apartment.) I've had so much fun decorating, organizing, and making the house feel like a home. We do miss having internet, but we are spending more time together as a family and it just feels like a fresh new start for us! I can borrow my mom's internet from time to time to update here, read blogs, pay bills, etc., so it's not like I'm quitting the interwebs cold turkey! ;) Eventually I think it might be fun to go back to doing a few outfit posts here and there too!


  1. The A-Frame looks great!!! You really have a talent for decorating!! So happy Sean has his own room!

  2. Oh, Val- the A-frame looks stunning!!!! I cannot believe how incredible it looks! You did an outstanding job. It just looks like such a bright, airy, and happy place to live. Very happy for you and the boys!

  3. Congratulations! It looks great. No Internet is a little daunting but I bet you'll get SO much accomplished. I get lost in the Internet sometimes...