Health and Fitness: Run Run Run (& Friday's Fancies)

Run Run Run

Most Friday's Fancies participants will be featuring some amazing high heels, beautiful boots or cute flats this week, but I am so in love with my new Asics running shoes that I just had to showcase them! I bought them using a gift card I got for Christmas. They were originally 100 dollars on sale for 50! They're super comfortable and just the thing I needed to start my new year off right. I surprised my hubby with his own pair of Asics for his birthday and he really loves them too! We've been working out almost every day as he prepares for his firefighter agility test next weekend. I'm not a runner yet, by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm hoping that I can build up my endurance and speed soon. 

Since I haven't done a weight loss update in FOREVER,  I guess I can do so now! I weigh 138, one pound more than before the holidays. My biggest mistakes lately have been snacking right from the bag of whatever instead of serving a portion size, and also eating late at night. I will work on that this week. One thing I'm super proud of however, is that I can now get my chin over our new pull-up bar and hold myself there for a while! The first day I tried I had to be lifted up and could barely last 5 seconds. Now I can get myself up there and last for about 30 seconds. Ryan is doing REALLY well. He's lost a lot of weight and gotten very strong! He has a literal wall standing between him and a new career though. He did well on the practice agility test... except for the part where you have to climb over a 6 foot wall! He still hasn't been able to do it but he has nine days to get ready. Prayers would be appreciated! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I've been organizing like crazy, getting bags of stuff together to donate to Goodwill, exercising, cooking, planning our budget, taking Sean to the playground, reading the Uglies series on my Nook, and playing an online MMORPG with Ryan. (Maple Story if you're interested...yes I'm a total dork.) The only nasty thing is that I broke my camera on NYE. I tried to take a picture of a firework exploding above me (while holding Sean) and ended up dropping the camera on my head, where it bounced off and then hit the cement. There may have been people laughing at me too, it was dreadful. I did find an old camera of mine though and happily it still works so I hope to get some outfit pictures soon! I have a dress from eShakti that I need to review! 

Have a great Friday everyone, and make sure to go check out all the pretty shoes!


  1. Love the new bloggies look, and congrats on keeping things in control over the holidays. I havent stepped on the scale yet and Im scared! Have a wonderful weekend, Val!

  2. Loving your different take on shoes here. Great New Years post and selection.


  3. I love this! Great take on the Friday's Fancies theme!! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  4. Love the new look and great take on FF!!

  5. One pound is nothing' for ya! You're sure to lose it with those running shoes :)

    Sounds like your 2012 is off to a great start!

  6. you've got the right idea, ma'am! i need to break out my running shoes, too.

  7. I love that you showcased running shoes today! I have to disagree with you when you say you aren't a runner yet...If you put on your shoes and run, you are a runner. It took a long time to accept that for me too! Now my first half marathon is less than 2 months away!!
    What a fabulous deal on those Asics! I wear 2160s to run and I adore them.
    Hope you have a great weekend! And LOTS of good thoughts for your husband getting over that wall!

  8. Your shoes are cute! Good job for running and working out! P.s. I hate the hear about your camera :(

  9. I wish I looked that cute working out! My workout clothes need a total makeover :)

    And you only gained one pound over the holidays?! That is FANTASTIC, Val!!!! I have been too frightened to step on the scale in a while, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I won't be able to avoid it much longer...

    I have such a hard time not eating late at night! That's definitely one of my biggest weaknesses.

  10. Fabulous little black dress!!