Sean's Sixth Sense

(Jacket from Macy's I think...it's really old, dress from Goodwill, boots from Kohl's, purse from Target)
It seems that Sean can sense when a playground is nearby! He's never played at the little one next to our church before, but this Sunday when we got out of the service he made a bee line for it! Ryan and I laughed so hard when he went through the window of a tiny little playhouse. All you could see was his little shoes and jeans. We love that silly boy!
I wore this dress only once before (seen here), and I like how different it looks with layers and boots! I really wish the cool weather lasted longer down in here South Texas. I honestly would live in boots and sweaters all the time! I'm finally realizing that I prefer winter fashion! Maybe because I can try to hide my soft post-baby stomach and pasty white legs...but also because it's so easy to change the look of an outfit with layers. Anyway, isn't my niece the cutest thing? I want a little girl of my own already! (Although I'd love another little boy too!) We just want Ryan to have a better paying job first, because our little one bedroom apartment is already bursting at the seams with the three of us! 


  1. I'm loving the jean jacket! They are my fav for a spring day!!! And awww he is adorable! Kids always seem to have to crawl through the funniest places haha...

    Anyway, have a good rest of the week! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! :)


  2. cute cute cute outfit! you really pull it off :) xo, e

  3. Love your jean jacket - you guys are too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray