Easy Master Bedroom Improvements

I recently made a few small changes to our master bedroom to spruce things up a bit without spending any money. We have yet to buy a new bed frame after our last one broke, and I was tired of looking at our mattresses sitting directly on the floor. They're still on the floor, but with the addition of a bedskirt and a larger comforter (that we already owned), it's not quite as obvious! I also pulled out the leather part of our old headboard and propped it up behind the mattress. It's comfortable to lean back on, but it's just a temporary fix since they're not attached to anything. Eventually we'll buy a nice new bed, but in the meantime this will do the trick! I swapped out the two tree pictures for an old frame full of my son's artwork too. It's nice to add a personal touch to the space, even though I'd prefer one large piece of his work rather than several small papers in the frame. That's something I can switch out later after I find the right size paper for him to create with.
I made some quick feather art using my charcoal set and three blank canvases I already had to dress up the top of my bookcase. I rearranged the shelves while I was at it and threw out the dust jackets of my Chronicles of Narnia set. The black and gold binding was a lovely surprise and it adds just the right touch to the styling of the shelf! 
It felt good being able to freshen up our space by utilizing things we already owned, and down the line I look forward to working on our wishlist! New floors, new paint and some new furniture!

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