Easy Master Bedroom Improvements: Part Two

After looking at the last post I just wasn't satisfied with the layout of the room...so I went back to the drawing board! I've been liking the look of desks next to the bed lately, so I thought I would try it out in my own space. Tried it, loved it!! I know it's silly to get so excited about moving a piece of furniture...but something about this arrangement just feels right. I already used it for devotions and to do my makeup yesterday. I foresee myself getting lots of use out of it in this location. Plus I get to watch Sean playing outside! Removing the clunky old computer from the desk freed up the space for writing, drawing, etc, and when we get a laptop soon it will fit just fine. (Anyone have any good laptop recommendations?)
I saw a picture of this room from almost two years ago and got inspired to bring the same artwork and bedspread back in. The blue comforter from the last post got the boot! Next Sean and I got to work painting an abstract piece for that old frame I had. We just used the board that was inside the frame and grabbed some blue, green, white and yellow tempera paints and played around with the colors until we liked it! Sean had so much fun and I think the final product ties in well with the other abstract art in the room. Below is the beginning of a (dare I say it?) gallery wall! A picture from our wedding day and Connor and Sean as little babies went up as well. It's on the wall that the desk used to be on and there's plenty of room to grow over time!
Ok, last shot of my new fave spot in the house, complete with the face of a rascal trying to steal my pencils! Adios!
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  1. Love that abstract piece! I need to break out the paints more often.

  2. Thank you! I want to paint more often too! It's therapeutic even though I'm a total amateur. ;)