Change is a'coming!

I warn you, this is going to be a wordy post. My mind is racing so much that I can't sleep, so perhaps typing it all out will help? Let's see.

Today we were granted permission to move into a little A-Frame house that my hubby's grandparents used to rent out. There will soon be four generations of Foxes living on the same acre of land! Ryan's parent's live at the back of the property, his grandparents' house is in the middle, and the A-Frame is up at the front of the land.

A while back Ryan's hours were cut at work, and since then we've had to rely on help from family to pay rent each month. My mother and Ryan's parents have been so very generous, and we've been able to live comfortably all this time. (Our tax refund helped a lot too!) We have been waiting and praying for Ryan to be promoted to full-time, but so far our situation has not changed. We've had letdown after letdown concerning other job opportunities as well, but never stopped trusting that God was in control.

We were still approaching the end of our rope however, what with our credit card creeping up to the limit, and no extra cash inflow in sight. We already drive only one vehicle, live in a one bedroom apartment (Sean's crib is in the dining room) and try to only rarely splurge on eating out or going to the movies. (Plus when any of us need, or erm want, clothes I only shop in the clearance section!) My point? Something had to change.

So while brainstorming the other day I happened to think of the unassuming little triangular building we pass every time we drive up the lane to my in-law's place. I remembered that Ryan had mentioned that a family used to rent it from his grandparents several years ago, and figured there was no harm in asking if we could do the same.
See what I mean by unassuming? It really doesn't look like much at all. I've passed it a million times and never gave it a second thought until God put the idea in my head yesterday. Fast forward a day and we're told we could live there for FREE. For as long as we need to. God is good, and so is family.

It's all very bittersweet however. We'll be leaving the place I was a newlywed in, the home we brought our little Sean back to. I'll be trading my beautiful garden tub for a tiny shower with no light, my walk-in-closet for the smallest closet I've seen, and lovely, modern fixtures and finishes for shag carpet, faded linoleum and appliances from the 70's. And yes, I had a good cry when I came to bed tonight about everything I'll miss. The pool! The gym! A washer and dryer!! Ah that felt good to rant a bit! I complained about my first world problems and I'm done with my moment of weakness. I know I can make this little teepee feel like a home, and I resolve to look on the bright side. Did I mention no rent? :)
The next month is going to be ridiculously busy. My cousin is getting married this weekend and it's going to be a big reunion with plenty of out of town family members coming in for it. The next week I have been drafted into babysitting Ryan's coworker's 9 year old and 7 month old for several days, and then that weekend we're going to the beach for a few days compliments of Ryan's relatives. The following week is my birthday and Father's day, and somewhere in between all of that we need to get the A-Frame fumigated, painted, cleaned from top to bottom, and repaired before we can move in. Not to mention all the packing, dismantling of furniture and cleaning here at the apartment we have to do! I actually love the hustle and bustle of moving, and I'm SUPER excited to pare down our belongings and organize everything just so, but I really wish it wasn't during the 110 degree weather we have to look forward to!

Oh oh, I just remembered I forgot to mention that there is a huge possibility that we won't be able to get internet out there. If that turns out to be so, I do believe I'll have a nice cry for no facebook, no netflix, and no blogging! How spoiled am I?! I will keep you all posted.


  1. oh dear, that's so great to have God provide something for you! it doesn't sound "21st century, America" ideal, but sounds just like what's in your plan. And I love your faith in it!

    good luck with everything! and know you have friends who are also moving in this horrible texas heat :)

  2. Many prayers for you guys with your situation. Sometimes it's hard to always keep faith in God, but I know he has something great in store for you! Thinking of you and I hope you have internet out there!!! :)

  3. I will be keeping your sweet family in my prayers that Ryan gets promoted to full-time and you can stop having financial stresses and worries. I am SO excited for your new adventure in that A-frame home (no rent? Amazing!). I just know that you will make it cozy and wonderful in no time!! Keeping you guys in my thoughts and hope everything is going well, Val!!