Costume Party

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We celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday with a costume party last month. My family didn't end up dressing as pirates, but instead went with more "home-made" costumes. My Grecian inspired dress was a five dollar find at Goodwill, (halter top dress that I wore backwards and twisted the collar in place with silver twisty ties) Ryan used his old tae-kwon-do garb, and Sean already had his train conductor stuff. We had a lot of fun and hope to make a costume party a tradition for one of the kiddo's birthday parties each year! I thought my sister and her husband were very cute as pilgrims and my mom made a lovely gypsy lady! The three little girlies were Snow White, Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel...and not one of them smiled for their picture!

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  1. Costume parties are such a blast! I love everyone's costumes! Sean is getting so big!! :)

    I am having a Harry Potter themed birthday party next Friday, and everyone is dressing up for that! I cannot wait!