Feeling Foxy

So despite having twisted my ankle the other day, I laced up my tennies and went out to run errands with my boys yesterday. We were going to buy some crutches, but decided to give it a few days to see how quickly I heal. I wore my new chevron top from Gap (on final sale for less than 5 bucks) and my new fox ring for a dollar from ebay. 
I also wore my little birdie earrings from Target. Ryan always says they're my chicken earrings, but I still don't think they look like chickens! Anyway, we got a few things at the store (I love the Almay liquid eyeliner I bought!!) and went to Peter Piper Pizza for the boys to play. Ryan played Dance Dance Revolution and Sean drove all the little vehicles there and sat on horsies. I was able to limp around pretty well... and then I got home and took off my shoe to see my ankle super swollen again! Today I am going to stay off it as best as I can! Thanks for the well wishes friends!
P.S I started watching Downton Abbey and I LOVE it! Incidentally, until yesterday I always read it as "Downtown Abbey." Haha!


  1. Oh my gosh I loveeeee that fox ring! And your shirt is so cute! I want me a chevron shirt!!! It's adorable! :)

    Have a fun weekend! xoxo Nicole

  2. I love your top! So sad to hear about your ankle though :( I hope you enjoy Downtown Abbey as much as I do!! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!
    Twirling Clare

  3. cute fox rings val! hope your ankle heals fast

  4. Oh, wow! Ryan is quite the dancer! I am impressed!! :) Absolutely ADORE your chevron top and so jealous that you bought it for less than five dollars! Amazing!!

  5. how appropriate are those rings for you ;) so much fun! crossing fingers for a quick recovery! xoxo {av}

  6. Ive been wanting to watch that!! Looks like yall have beens busy. Hope you heal soon!