Sean's Shenanigans 2

Sean loves sitting on the balcony and watching all the cars pass. On this day he did it in a pan from the kitchen!
Sometimes he falls asleep sitting up! (Actually this was the only time, which is why I had to take a pic!)
He likes going under the bed and showing off how flexible he is! 
He gives me cute smiles that just melt my heart.
He looks like a little angel while sleeping...
But sometimes he looks like a frog! Oh and he loves playing big keyboards with his Dad too!
Going to the playground is still one of his favorite activities, and when mom brings snacks it's even better!
He likes to access a fort under the table through a tunnel.
And having a camping lantern under there is super fun!
I'm pretty sure he's gotta enjoy being so darn cute in a romper too! 
P.S Some of these pics are several months old, which is why you see him with a pacifier. He has been paci free for quite a while now! He lost all of them around the house, and each time one would turn up I would just put it away before he saw it. It was a happy day when his cousin dropped her paci, and instead of trying to take it for himself he put it back in her mouth! My little boy is growing up!


  1. Gosh! He is TOO cute! Especially loving that frog sleeping position! Hahah

  2. Oh he's just way too cute!


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