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Valentine's Day Colors
Yesterday I ran to Target to check out the new Jason Wu collection and I fell in love with this blush/polka dot/bow front blouse! There was a surprisingly big selection of clothes left at the Target I went to. I guess people in my town weren't that excited about the debut! I put the top back for the time being though, (I think I might wait until it goes on sale) so for now I'll enjoy using it in this week's Friday's Fancies! (Go check all the gorgeous outfits out here!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! The days seem a little mixed up to me because Ryan was off yesterday and that made it feel like the weekend already. I'm not complaining though, the extra day off was great! We worked out, noshed on Mongolian beef for dinner and watched American Idol. (It seems everyone is getting ill/fainting/falling on set!) Sean also got to enjoy an impromptu play date with his cute little cousins. I love those girls! Here they are last week:
And here's Sean eating like a big boy: (Although a minute later he wanted to dump everything on the floor!)
Oh and I wore this last Saturday to run to the mall with the fam. We got some Chik-fil-A for dinner, let Sean play at the indoor playground, got some Marble Slab ice cream for dessert and then got groceries. 
I love my new leaf necklace I got on ebay. It only cost a dollar! Hooray for cheap jewelry! :)
(Vest & jeans from Old navy, sweater & earrings from Forever21, boots from Kohl's, necklace from ebay, purse from Target)
Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!


  1. Love the pink & red for sure!

    Awww Sean is just so cute! xx

  2. Such a cute outfit!

    Your kids are so precious :)

    Happy Weekend girl!


  3. Ahhh I cannot get over how adorable Sean is!!!! Seriously so cute! Um, and I need to check out the Jason Wu line ASAP! Although it's probably all gone at my local Target at this point. I guess I will find out soon!

  4. That pink top in your FF is so adorable! I want! And so are all those kiddos!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Cute outfit for Friday Fancies! And wow he is adorable & those little girls are freaking precious!!! This post made me want to be your friend & have a kid to have play dates with you.. lOl!!! :) Cute vest!

    Have a fun weekend!
    Nicole Rene

  6. Great outfit...love the army green vest and jeans that you wore, so stylish! As for your holiday attire, the white jeans in the winter is such a cool look AND I think the head scarf is fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Twirling Clare

  7. as always, I positively LOVE your outfit board--I'm jealous of your Jason Wu finds ;) I wish I could rock a red lip like that too! you look gorgeous in your photos--I need a vest like that! have a happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  8. I was distracted by all those adorable kiddos!!!
    love the outfit board too :)
    hope you had a fabulous weekend

  9. I heart white pants...such a cute outfit.

  10. What adorable little munchkins!
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