La Cantera

I am getting all out of order with my posts now, but I just wanted to share these family pics my bro-in-law took at La Cantera mall (in San Antonio) this past Friday. I still want to post some pics from the pool a few weeks ago and also a super casual running errands outfit from Thursday...I even have some outfit pics from Sunday too! Woot! Look at me attempting to post more! Anyway, my mom and all our families made a quick day trip to SA to visit my oldest sis and her boys and also to celebrate my other sister's birthday. We got a beautiful cloudy morning for our drive up and enjoyed Chik-fil-A for breakfast, delicious soup for lunch (with chocolate cake for dessert) and Cheesecake Factory for dinner! I had the best mint green tea there! Yummmmmmmm. I wish we had a Cheesecake Factory in town!
Adrienne was so sweet to cook for us and let us descend upon her house with tired (and a wee bit cranky) kids! Well Sean was for a while anyway, he does NOT do well when his sleep is interrupted and we had to wake him up several hours earlier than usual to make the drive up to SA. Thankfully he slept most of the way home though! 
Don't you love Helena's smile and Sean's blue eyes? I know I do!
P.S. I didn't spend a cent at the mall, except for dinner of course. I did run in to Zara, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Aldo and Steve Madden, but in the two minutes I spent in each one of those stores I didn't see any sales or clearance prices so I walked out. I prefer outlet mall prices instead. Old Navy is good too, I wore it head to toe! Minus the sunglasses! 


  1. pretty family!!!!!!!!


  2. I totally admire your ability to hunt down the sales. I'm jealous of that skill! :) Love your top.

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  3. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! Your family is so adorable. :) Good for you for having the willpower to keep your wallet shut while at the mall!!


  4. What a fun day! And I totally do the same thing when I go into stores; if I don't see anything on clearance, I'm out of there!


  5. Is it your lot in life to be surrounded by adorable toddlers? :) lol And I'm with Sean- I hate when my sleep is interrupted, as well! I am quite cranky when that happens to me, too!

  6. Look at those baby girl's eyes. So sweet!!

  7. So nice to see your happy family.
    Your son's blue eyes are so beautiful.
    and what is the color of Helena's eyes?

  8. You are stronger than me about not spending any money at the mall...that's why I have been steering clear...trying to save some moo-la! :) Great pics...so happy you guys had a fab time!
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