Sunset Boulevard

(Tank from Ross, blouse from Kohl's, jeans from Old Navy, sandals & earrings from Target, purse from my mom)
(Looking quite rosy in the light of the setting sun!)
I bought this diaphanous peach colored blouse (couldn't find a tangerine one!) from Kohl's on Friday and wore it promptly the next day. (It came with a pink tank, but I liked it better paired with a navy one I already owned.) We had a super fun and busy Saturday complete with an outing to the fair (pics to come later!) lunch at a sweet little cafe, a date with the hubby for some froyo/bubble tea, an excursion to a bridal boutique where we got fitted for the tuxedo and bridesmaid dress we'll be needing for a friend's wedding later this month, and dinner at my sister's house. My bro-in-law took the photos above for me with his fancy Nikon camera. I've got a serious case of camera envy! I think for my birthday in June I'm going to request cash towards a new one. Then I just have to avoid being a clumsy oaf and dropping it like the last one!
P.S  I've been very careful with what I eat (except for the delicious chai bubble tea above) and I've lost a few pounds already. My goal is to be 135 by the wedding on March 30th! The dress the bride picked for the bridesmaids is going to show every extra ounce (see it here) so I must be very strict with my diet in preparation. I am going to attempt a modified juice fast tomorrow as a sort of detox. (I'm including a few organic baby foods along with the juice.) Wish me luck! Oh and my ankle is just about completely healed! After the bruising and the last bit of swelling goes away I'll be as good as new!


  1. Nice outfit!


  2. Love your outfit!! That blouse is so pretty! Let us know how the modified juice fast detox works. If you like it we hope you will share. :-)
    Thanks for being our 999th! That is just crazy to us!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings!!

  3. Beautiful sheer shirt! And the coral adds a classy look to any outfit! x

  4. Gorgeous! That is a fantastic color on you, and I love the style of the shirt. We're supposed to be getting a Kohls soon, it might be dangerous! :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  5. Wow! I love that tangerine top! Good luck on your diet, but I believe there is always room for Bubble Tea!!!

  6. love your blouse! you have an excellent blog.