The Day I Was Compared to an Okapi

(Dress from Old Navy (13 dollars on clearance), sandals from Marshalls, necklace chain from Ebay and the pendant was my Grandma's)
What is an okapi you ask? It's an animal closely related to the giraffe, but with stripes similar to zebras. I had never heard of them until my sister said I reminded her of one in this dress. What do you think, compliment or insult? Hah! I wore this on a double date with Ryan and my sis and her husband on Sunday afternoon. We went to go see The Hunger Games (my second time, I went the day before with my mom!) and I think everyone was pretty impressed by it! I of course would have liked it to be longer. I hate when parts of a book have to be taken out when it's made into a movie! 
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  1. This is the perfect dress in my eyes!!

  2. LoL I actually like Okapis, but I guess if Okapi's=dress with stripes then you should take it as a compliment because that dress is super cute!

  3. Beautiful dress!!!
    Hi lovely, thank you so much for your comment!!
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    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. OK I've never heard or seen an Okapi before but it's the cutest thing! Love the striped butt! Oh and your dress is super awesome too! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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  5. Haha totally a compliment! And thank you for teaching me what an Okapi is! :) You look amazing in that dress, Val! What an awesome find at ON!

  6. I think it's a compliment, because they look super original :) I love that dress, btw.

  7. While I don't think your dress looks like an okapi, I DO think it (being the dress) is absolutely adorable! So I guess it doesn't really matter what you're compared to if you look so cute!