Gone with the Wind

(Top from Old Navy, belt & skirt from the Gap, wedges from Ross, gifted purse, Steve Madden sunglasses)
Trying to take pictures of this outfit in the wind was pretty tricky, almost every photo was some variation of the one above, except crazier blowing skirt action. I'm surprised we got that first pic! This is one of my new tops from Old Navy. I love the pattern (it reminds me of hourglasses), but I don't like how bunchy it got around the belt and I'm not too keen on the flared sleeves either. Perhaps I will like my next attempt to style it better? We shall see. My other observation about these pics is how glaringly white I am! I definitely can't tan in the sun (I just burn) so when I saw this post by my friend Shanna (from Because Shanna Said So) I ran out and bought the self tanner she recommended! Let's see if I can get rid of my extreme paleness by the time the wedding I'm a part of comes around this Friday!


  1. LOVE that outfit and the skirt is too cute. Is the top too big for you? It almost looks like you could size down! If you manage to overcome the difficulties of self-tanner, I want to hear all about it, because I STINK at using it!

  2. Wwell you looked great, wind and all

  3. Haha- the wind always ruins my posh looks! My hair flies everywhere, and my eyes water...meh! I get irrationally upset with the wind sometimes! I take it so personally!