Floral Tiers and My New Tru Luxe Jeans

- Top: LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's - Jeans: Tru Luxe (giveaway prize) 
- Belt: Gap - Shoes: Ralph Lauren (gift)
- Watch: Fossil - Fabric & Metal Bracelet: hand made DIY - Tennis Bracelet: Hand-painted DIY

Last week I received my Tru Luxe jeans in the mail that I won from a giveaway at Splendiferous Inclinations. How happy was I to put them on for the first time and find that they're a perfect fit! Jeans are always so hard to shop for and to get a pair that fits just right without trying it on is unheard of for me!  I'm very impressed with the Tru Luxe brand after wearing these jeans, they're comfortable, flattering, and hit at a very good spot on my waist: not too high and not too low. I don't usually go for bootcut jeans with embellishments on the back pocket and a lighter wash on the thighs, but I was won over by this pair!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday with my family and then out to eat at Olive Garden. (Which is where my mom took these photos.) Thanks Mom! 


  1. You look fantastic in these jeans! I'm so glad they worked out!

    I have another giveaway going on right now, if you want to enter. It'll give you a chance to win something for the man in your life! :) There are going to be 5 winners - hope you'll enter!


  2. You look absolutely fantastic in this outfit! You've done a lot of casual attire and you always look so well put together! Cheers to a stylish Mom!

  3. the jeans look awesome! What a great fit! love the tiers too!

  4. Pretty pretty. The jeans look fab.

  5. holy toledo, woman! you look FIERCE!

  6. What a great outfit! You look fantastic!

  7. Hi Val- This is Donnell with TRU LUXE JEANS. You look FABULOUS in our jean! A huge thank you for the testimony. Enjoy them =)