What I WOULD Have Worn

- Top: Target - Belt: Gap - Jeans: TruLuxe (giveaway prize) - Sandals: Mervyn's (really old)
- Earrings: Gift - Ring: Kohl's - Leather cuff: American Eagle
Yesterday Ryan and I were going to run some errands and then take Sean to the playground at the mall. I showered and got dressed when Sean went down for a nap, but then Ryan fell asleep and they both ended up sleeping for several hours. Once they woke up it was too late to stick with the plan because Ryan had a BBQ at a friend's house to go to. I thought we might as well get my outfit photographed since I had taken the time to do my hair and makeup! We just missed the golden hour, and half the pictures were too dark without the flash, but we managed to get a couple that worked out alright. My years of watching America's Next Top Model have NOT paid off though. In every other picture I had my eyes closed, or I was talking or moving awkwardly.  Tyra would not be happy. On the bright side, if I ever want to do a blooper post, I'll have plenty of material! Also I learned that I should never tuck shirts into these pants. They hit at a point on my waist that really messed up my proportions and with the top tucked in, my big hips/thighs were very noticeable. This was most evident in the pictures with me facing straight forward. Needless to say, I didn't include those here and I learned my lesson for the future. That's the really nice thing about taking pictures of your outfits, you start to see what works and what doesn't! 
P.S. This old top looks a LOT better the way Kimberly wore it here. Maybe I'll try to recreate her look sometime when I can fit into my size 4 denim shorts similar to hers...um, that might be a while. I do have a cute blue bike for the pics though!


  1. Love the outfit, and I think the poses you showed were totally Tyra-worthy. ;)

    Not to mention, you're totally sm-eyes-ing! HA!

    Happy Weekend! xx

  2. You look so cute. You seem like such a nice person from your pictures. You may have the best hair I've ever seen.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  3. Haha, thank you Ashley! Guess it wasn't all dreckitude. lol
    The Fashionable ESQ: Aww you're so sweet!! I have my grouchy moments, but overall God has made me a happy person! You're the one with the GORGEOUS hair though! (I've been perusing your nice blog!)