I burned my hands for this post...

- Top: Swapped from my sis - Pants: Kohl's - Sandals: Isaac Mizrahi via Target -Sunglasses & Watch: Fossil - Ring: JCPenney
- Bracelets: Old tennis bracelet I painted, wooden bangle (can't remember where I bought it), & freshwater pearls (gift)

I unintentionally burned my hands that is. See that third picture up there where I'm resting my hands on the fence? Right afterward I was jumping around waving my hands in the air like a crazy person because the metal felt like a hot stove! In the below picture, I am NOT grinning, I'm going "Eeeooww, that was hot!!!"
ANYWAY, in more interesting news... my mom's birthday is coming up next week so we celebrated today by having a nice lunch out together. We (my sis and her family, my mom, and my family) got some delicious Chinese food and had fun chatting. Before heading home Ryan and I stopped for a few minutes at a new subdivision a few blocks from our apartments to get these pictures. This area is very close to the Rio Grande, and there's one spot on a little hill where you can see Mexico in the distance. We were going to take pics there, but as we were about to drive up onto the dirt path leading up the hill, a Border Patrol vehicle came up and we decided not to stop. 
ANYWAY (again), it's so weird that while other parts of the nation are hunkering down for hurricane Irene, we're hot and dry as usual down here in Texas. I pray everyone will be safe and that little damage will be done by the storms! 


  1. I love your blog, your style and vibe are great. check out mine, would love it if you followed me back

  2. super cute outfit!
    i actually live on the east coast in norfolk/&DC & i was in vegas during the earthquake & the hurricane! haha what a great timing to be able from home!

    can't wait to see pics from your moms birthday! have fun!

  3. I'm cringing here for your burned hands! You look cute - I need to put white pants on my shopping list.


  4. I like your blog, i follow, follow you back?

  5. That top is really lovely! I like how you have paired it with white jeans!
    xoxo Jess

  6. @Charlotte, I will check out your blog! Thanks for visiting!
    @Ashlyn I'm so glad you were away from home during the earthquake and hurricane! Glad you're alright! Unfortunately we didn't get any pics from my mom's birthday! At lunch we were too busy taking care of 3 kids under 3!
    @Jenn, the pain was temporary! Thanks!
    @Melissa, I'll check out your blog, thanks for the comment!
    @Jess thank you so much!