What to Wear When It's Really Hot

- Top: Kohl's - Shorts: Ross - Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshalls 
- Earrings: Gift - Ichthus dog tag: ???? - Watch: Fossil

Today we:
- Got bags of food together from our pantry, my sister's and my mom's to take to my friend who's organizing donations for a family of eleven whose house burned down a few days ago. 
(Please pray for the family.)
- Took two big bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill.
- Visited my husband's grandparents who we haven't gotten to see in a while since they're often out of town.
- Had dinner with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. 
- Played games together and talked a lot.

Yesterday evening I:
-Did all the laundry.
-Re-organized all the furniture in the living room.
- Let Sean play in the tub for a long time and then read lots of books to him.

It feels so good to be productive and giving and family-oriented. I am happiest when I am doing things that follow God's will! When I'm grouchy it usually stems from some sort of selfishness. I must remember that!

As for my rather boring outfit...since we were going to visit Ryan's grandparents today, I needed a cool fuss-free outfit because they always keep their house very warm (plus it was a scorcher outside too.) A simple tee and shorts with some sandals did the trick! Just to let you all know, lately the weather in my town is either hot, hotter, or "Hell called and wants its weather back." I can't wait for a reprieve, but sadly fall and winter aren't much different down here! 


  1. You are so gorgeous!!! :) Love this look for a super hot day. And I'm extra jealous of your productivity! I'm staying up really late tonight trying to get things done!

  2. Your outfit is perfect for a hot summer day! I live in the Miami area and summer is unbearable here too and cool and comfortable clothes are a must :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. I think you look perfectly chic for a hot summer Texas day! I have not been productive today at all...need to go to the grocery store and do some laundry. I'll definitely get to it in a bit ;)