Two Ways to Rock Some Red - Friday's Fancies

The theme this week for Friday's Fancies is red! I thought I was just randomly inspired to do a rocker look until I re-read the email from Alison and realized she mentioned rockin' red in it. Not so random I guess!
(Although I realize you can rock something without actually doing a rock 'n roll look!) For example, I went ahead and made a second look rockin' red too, but in a more subtle way! Both looks have awesome Inge Christopher bags in them and the same cute scarf, but that's where the similarities end! I imagine some cool New Yorker gal wearing the top look to a concert, and the bottom look I could see myself wearing out on a date with my hubby. Probably with lower heels though, I'm 5'10"!
(As always, if you think these outfits I put together are rockin' your socks off (notice what I did there? Yeah... I'm a dork), click on the image at the bottom of this post and show my look some love!)


  1. I would love the be able to rock some red jeans/pants :) Great looks!

  2. I am loving the second outfit all the way!! I love purple and red hues together!! Makes me SO happy!!

  3. Love your Friday's Fancies Outfits! :) Red looks sharp with purple! Glad I found your blog! Do you love instagram photos? I am hosting an instagram link up on Monday! Hope you can join! xo.

    {a little dash of ash}

  4. I love the 2nd outfit! Love the clutch!

  5. Oooo! I am liking your take on the red jeans! It looks fantastic, edgy but not as hard edge! I am loving that zebra metallic clutch!

  6. Love both looks! Love those shoes in the 2nd ensemble!

  7. LOVE the red and purple combo in the second outfit - so cute! Stopping by from Friday's Fancies and a new follower - hope you'll stop by!