Sean's First Party: Eats and Drinks

On Saturday we had Sean's first birthday party! My sister made delicious cupcakes and they went fast!
My mom and I put together cookie favor bags with various combinations of yummy cookies for the guests to take home. We included a labeled card in each bag with fun stickers for decoration. We had little favor bags with toys for the kids too, but I forgot to take pictures of them. I also bought little jars from Hobby Lobby and filled them with Starburst jelly beans and they were a big hit. The M&Ms and Chex Mix on the other hand...nobody ate much of! I had to bring it all home with me! In the middle bottom picture you can see a fox that my mom traced from clip art I found online, I just added the lettering to make a cute little personalized sign.
Normal snack fare for the table, not pictured are all the pizzas everyone devoured! I used punch out letters to make the confetti spread around the table. S S F for Sean's initials and the number 1 for his age! I was originally going to use the letters for home made cupcake toppers, but I gave that up and went the easier route of just buying some ready-made toppers. I ended up liking the way I used them though, because it personalized the table a bit! For the window we just hung simple dangling streamers from Hobby Lobby. You can see them in the picture below too.
I was going to buy only orange, lime, and blue colored drinks but went with what would probably taste better instead. Apple soda and tea! On the counter above you can see some fun straws we let all the kids use. They loved them! We also had a fail torn ice bag that didn't allow us to break the ice up, so we were left with the big chunk above. My brother-in-law eventually got it all broken up after transferring it to another bag. Last minute things like that always seem to happen!

I put this party together on a budget and yet I still think it looked ok and everyone had a nice time. I'm thankful for that!


  1. What a shindig that was!! How awesome!!

  2. Loving the jelly beans in the glass jars! Everything looks great - what a fun birthday party!

  3. Holy wow! What a party!! Happy birthday to your little man!!

    PS LOVEd the guest post :) . xo

  4. This is really sweet! I love the "candy bar" and your sisters cupcakes. Very colorful, exactly what a one year old's bday should be like.
    Also, I like the fox on the card. A very cute touch.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  5. Thanks! The little fox was originally going to be a template for the top of a birthday cake, but since we went with cupcakes instead I just threw some letters on the paper to make a sign!