Ladies' Night

- Top: Kohl's - Shorts: Macy's (really old) - Sandals: TJMaxx 
- Earrings: Gift - Watch: Fossil - Bracelets: hand-painted DIY and Kohl's

Ladies' night is usually my sis and I taking our kids to my mom's house and hanging out for the evening, but last night it was a legit ladies' night because I left Sean at home with my hubby. My sister had my mom and I over to watch several episodes of a reality show on CMT, "Sweet Home Alabama." We got really into it and thought the girl, Devin, was really down-to-earth and gorgeous!  We ate breakfast for dinner, (mini waffles topped with apricot jam and cereal) and it was great to get a break from "mommy" stuff. Although I think I mentioned Sean about a million times over the course of the evening! Before we sat down to our show Rachel got a few pictures of my outfit and my new haircut on her front porch. Oh and remember those denim shorts I mentioned at the end of THIS post? They fit! I hadn't tried them on in a while and on a whim I put them on and was happy to be able to button them up. I still need to wear them with a flowy top though, to hide my far from perfect midsection!


  1. I love breakfast for dinner, but my husband doesn't. I miss it!!

  2. Compare the photos from this outfit and the gray top and black shorts...Val it looks like you've lost 10 pounds! WOW...I know it hasn't been 10 lbs within a matter of days but you really look fantastic! So glad to hear ladies night was a blast...mini waffles sound yummy!

  3. What a fun ladies night!! Love your outfit and Sweet Home Alabama on CMT too!

  4. Aww Stephanie, you need to have it once in a while! Tell him he can make a sandwich to eat. LOL

    Bessie, these particular clothes just must be more flattering than that last outfit, because I'm actually up a pound since then! Thanks for the compliment though! <3

    Thanks Meggan! I can't wait to watch more episodes!