Week Thirteen and Fourteen

New Weight:


One pound down. I didn't get around to posting a weight loss update last week because I was busy with Sean's birthday party, but I'm getting back to it this week! My hubby's up a few pounds this week. His hours changed at work and he's not doing the more physical late shift anymore. He knows he needs to work out now!

Insanity Update:
Last week while doing the fit test I was trying to do 100 switch kicks in a minute and I pulled a muscle in my back. I was going too fast I guess. I tried to keep doing the month two workouts for a few days but even sneezing or picking up my son hurt really bad and exercising was just too painful. After a week and a half break my back was good enough to continue and I've been doing the month two work outs. I actually love them!

Here are the next two rules from Bethenny Frankel's book.

"Downsize now."
"Cancel your membership to the clean plate club."

These rules really go hand in hand. Eat smaller portions and don't think you have to finish every last bite of food on your plate! Bethenny recommends that you NEVER eat anything straight out of the bag. You won't be able to downsize if you are mindlessly snacking! Use ramekins (1/2 cup size) for sweet and salty snacks. I use a little ramekin for serving myself ice cream, pretzels, etc., and that keeps me from overeating. I also use a small bowl for cereal instead of the really huge ones available. I measured once to see how far up the bowl 3/4 of a cup was, and only pour cereal up to that level now. Little things like that help you portion your food correctly without having to measure all the time! Also start using salad plates for your meals instead of the great big dinner ones. You'll eat less and not even notice!  Furthermore if you eat small portions of things you will never have to refrain from eating something you want! No one ever got fat from one handful of candy! Just make sure you stop there.

Ways to help you cancel your membership to the clean plate club, according to the book, are to share it, save it, or leave it. If you share your plate with your friends or your hubby when you're eating out you won't eat those over-sized portions that restaurants are famous for all by yourself! If you're not gonna share, take half of your plate home for your lunch the next day. You'll get the most for your money and consume less calories! Win and win! Lastly if you can't share or save your plate for whatever reason, or the food's just not very good. Leave it! You are not obligated to finish your plate. (Even if that's what you were told growing up!) You can leave a few bites of food on your plate when you're at home too and train yourself to eat less that way. 

This Bethenny gal sure knows what she's talking about! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. You are doing great!!! I love keeping up with these posts. I used to be a very loyal member of the clean plate club...perhaps I could have gained Platinum Status. That had to change once I was doing consulting work and travelled 80% of the time and ate out every meal. You feel guilty at first and getting downgraded is no fun but gotta keep things in perspective!

  2. Thanks for linking up! You're such a trooper. This healthy lifestyle is so tough, but so worthwhile, right?

  3. Thanks Bessie!
    It is worthwhile Kimberly! A pain sometimes, but worthwhile! xD