Comfy and Cool

-Top and Jeans (rolled up this time): Kohl's - Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshalls
-Sunglasses: Target - Watch: Fossil - Bracelet: Abercrombie & Fitch (Gift) 

Ran out to lunch with the hubby, baby and my mom-in-law today. We just grabbed a quick bite at Arby's during her lunch break. I was very good and had a salad with roast chicken and ranch on the side. At home I prefer vinegar on my salads, but a little bit of ranch won't kill me! To drink I just had a water. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to this week's goal of staying away from sugary drinks. It was a hot day, as usual, and I just wanted to be comfy and cool so I decided on jeans and a t-shirt. (Something I do quite often as you'll begin to notice.)

Later I ran to Target to return some jeans I bought last week. They were cute, but the dye smell was just WAY too strong. (I'm assuming that's what the smell was.)  I exchanged them for a few shirts. I was particularly happy to find a soft comfy over-sized top to wear around the house for only a few bucks. In fact I'm wearing it right now! Afterwards I went to the mall to get my Mom her mother's day gift from Bath & Body Works.

Now it's good to be back home with my boys and I'm going to get my work-out in and then look up recipes for tonight's din din.

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