Week Three

Well I lost the pound I gained this week and I'm right back to where I was last week at this time: 150. Am I happy I stayed the same? No. Am I happy I lost what I gained, heck yes! Let me tell you what happened this week.

It all started last Saturday evening when we had friends over for dinner and a movie. I wanted to make healthy whole wheat sub sandwiches and salad but that idea was tossed out faster than we throw away Sean's dirty diapers. Instead, it was decided to order pizza and wings. On top of that, Ryan picked up sodas and chips and dip! Oh no! I'm not superwoman, when that stuff is around I eat it! I had small portions and never overate, but it was the wrong stuff to be putting in my body and I saw the consequences of those choices I made when the scale went up a pound. We had leftover supreme pizza and I ate one slice a day until it was gone.

Then I had a day where I was tired and cranky from having to wait forever to see my dermatologist. I was perched on that little examining chair for over an hour and a half waiting, and I couldn't lean back because when I did the chair started making horrible creaking sounds like it was about to give up the ghost. By the time I got back home I wanted comfort food, and instead of making myself a salad like I had planned earlier in the day, I had a sandwich with pastrami and cheese, a cup of apple soda, and a little ice cream. Shame shame.

You thought my rant about eating what I shouldn't was over? No way. Last night we were invited to an epic sea food feast hosted by my sister and brother in law. On the menu was fried shrimp, salmon, crab legs, hush puppies, fried mushrooms, corn on the cob, rice with shrimp, shrimp alfredo, baked potato, mango salad, berry salad, veggie chips and ice cream, soda and coffee. Help I'm being repressed! (That makes absolutely no sense but I just had to throw in a gratuitous line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the movie we watched last week much to my chagrin.) The food was delicious and I did a moderately good job of sticking to my diet while there. I started with some veggie chips, mango salad dip and two crab legs. My main plate had salmon, a few shrimp, berry salad, a bit of rice and a bit of alfredo. For dessert: one of those small Blue Bell ice cream cups, to drink: just water.

So there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about my ups and downs of dieting this week.

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