- Dress: Kohl's - Flip Flops: New York & Company - Necklace: Gift
Close up of my pretty shell necklace

Shells make me think of the beach, and on a hot sunny day there's no place I'd rather be than the beach. So in honor of that longing of mine, I'm wearing shells! Ryan gave me this necklace a couple of years ago as a souvenir from a business trip, and I've never worn it until now. I paired it with a tie-dye maxi dress from Kohl's and flip flops.

I left Sean for the first time in my church's nursery during this morning's service. He let me leave without crying and behaved well I heard. My little boy is growing up! My mom babysat him after church so that Ryan and I could go on a date. We went and got Chinese food and had a great time. It felt good to be out as a couple but of course we missed Sean too. The little munchkin is back with us now and he's walking around the living room making silly noises.

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  1. I love shells. I have several earrings made out of shells that I adore and lots of shells around my house.

    Way to go for leaving your little man and way to go him for doing so well! And yay for after church dates as well :) .