The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Top: Ross - Jeans and Shoes: Kohl's -Sunglasses: Target -Necklace: Ebay
I'll start with the fact that it rained! A lovely, wonderful, exciting thunderstorm blew in bringing us a lot of much needed rain. Sean and I sat in front of the open sliding doors to our balcony and enjoyed the mist of rain hitting us and the cold breeze. It even hailed a bit, but I closed the door before that started! The cloud cover was so thick that it looked like night outside even though it was noon. That was a little eerie but I loved it. I've always loved storms and feel really alive when the lightning and thunder start!
We also took Sean to his 9 month appointment today and everyone was pretty impressed that he's walking already. The visit went well despite some confusion at one point where the pediatrician thought I said we were giving Sean 4 six ounce bottles of juice a day! I was talking about formula, of course, but he misunderstood and it got a little weird until we all figured out what was going on. (Awkward!) Afterwards we stopped for some tasty Subway and then ran home to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
So that's all the good stuff...now for the bad.
One thing that isn't too huge of a deal, but is still vastly annoying, is that Ryan got sent home for wearing tennies to work this afternoon. He had his boots on earlier at work but they got 100% soaked heading to his car after his earlier shift ended. Work people made a huge deal out of it and sent him home to get his boots, despite the fact that they were still dripping wet.  Ugh!
Then to top it off, I looked outside a few hours ago, and saw Ryan's car (that isn't currently running) getting towed away! It's parked out in front of the apartments in a perfectly legal parking spot. I guess the office didn't like that it had a flat tire? Who knows where they took it or how much it will cost us to get it back! 
As for the ugly...well, this pic isn't too great! 
P.S I wrote this yesterday but couldn't post it because blogger was down so all the "todays" are really "yesterdays".
P.P.S. My computer really doesn't want me to post this, seeing as how I've tried about a million times and keep inexplicably losing the post! 

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