Could I Have That?

I'm eagerly anticipating a trip to the beach with my family this weekend and I wish I was there already! Since I can't be there in person yet I made these three beach looks on polyvore instead. I especially love the cute ikat shorts in my first look, the anchor necklace in my second look, and the vibrant yellow sarong in my third look. I'll be making do with the stuff I've already got in my closet for this trip though (except for some two dollar flip flops and a tee shirt I bought today), and focusing on having a blast and making memories with my family instead of fashion! It's the first overnight trip we're taking with Sean and I'm praying all goes well. I have a lot to get done before Saturday and I plan on being a busy bee the next few days!
P.S. The last time I was at the beach I was 32 weeks pregnant with Sean. I was so big!


  1. I'd gladly take any one of those outfits!!

  2. I like those ikat shorts too. I think you look cute pregnant and not huge at all! Check out me at 34 weeks - I had total strangers at Target laughing when I turned around. I was not one of you cute baby bump ladies! http://jaheater.blogspot.com/2010/07/baby-bellah.html


  3. have fun! i am loving all of your picks. those starfish earrings are so cute!

  4. LOVE those starfish earrings...they are perfect with those printed shorts!

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