Family Beach Trip - Day One

South Padre here we come!
Sean was so happy to be out of the carseat!
He is so attached to my mom! Before we put him in bed that night he ran out 
to her attached room to give her a hug. It was precious!
As soon as we could all get changed we headed straight out to the beach! Sean wasn't scared of the ocean at all, but he was getting a little sleepy at this point so he wanted to be held a lot. Sadly I never got to just dive in and get completely wet. Next time for sure! 
My sister's girls are the cutest things!
I think my guys are pretty cute too!
A big crowd of people showed up on the beach and after a while these guys went into the water as the others chanted and shouted. We realized we were viewing a Hindu funeral.
We all cleaned up and went to dinner at Blackbeard's. I loved my Seafood Chef Salad and Ryan and I shared ice-cream and pecan pie for dessert. It was oh so scrumptious! 
Family at dinner.
After Sean and my mom were asleep in our rooms, Ryan and I went out for a midnight stroll on the beach. The moonlight was absolutely lovely and we had the most peaceful time just walking hand in hand through the sand and water. Eventually we sat and just talked and relaxed as we watched the waves form and join before blending back into the ocean. It was beautiful.


  1. Sean is such a cutie pie!! Looks like you guys had a great family weekend. I have actually never been to South Padre. We always went to either Corpus Christi or Galveston when we went to the beach (some of my aunts and uncles lived in Houston when I was little). Looks lovely!

  2. wow!!! happy happy happy, I like to be like this. the foods look delicious :D