Hit or Miss?

- Vest: Old Navy - Top: Target - Dress: Kohl's - Shoes: Gift
- Earrings: Express - Bag: Express (2006-ish) - Bangle: ebay
I think I'm on a mission to see how many different ways I can wear this maxi dress! I've worn it by itself, with a denim jacket, with a shirt knotted over it, and now with a top AND a vest. 
The question is, does it work? I liked it just fine but my hubby said it was mismatched and my mom didn't care for it. I wore it to church with the family today and then to lunch and a movie with my mom. The outfit didn't bother me but the wedges were painful! (Mom I think I'm giving them back to you!) I love my new vest though! I picked it up at the outlet mall last week for 15 dollars. I would have preferred a longer size but they only had the XS that I got and XL left. I've already worn it twice since I got it though and look forward to making more outfits with it. Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday made perfect by wonderful worship at church, time with my mom and a drive in the rain with my boys. I hope all of you had an equally restful day and I would love some feedback about this question mark of an outfit! Thank you!
P.S. I've been wanting this vest ever since I used it in this look below!


  1. In my opinion, this is a definite HIT! I love it so much!

  2. Hit for sure! God I love Target you can find so many treasures there!


  3. nope not a miss at all! i love your outfit val and that vest goes perfectly. and i love that bag as well!