Egg-Free Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread

Ingredients ready to be made into some delicious pumpkin bread!
 Mixin' stuff together.
I love how the layer of brown sugar and cinnamon looks swirled with more batter on top.
 There is something so cozy to me about having something tasty baking in the oven!
 Looks pretty good out of the oven too, and it was so easy to make!
Fall is trying to make an appearance! The light coming in my windows is different, gentler, than summer sunlight and it is really quite beautiful. The light may have changed but unfortunately the temperatures here in South Texas are still as high as ever. I decided to make some pumpkin bread to help make it feel more like autumn around here. I used a recipe from In Flora's Kitchen that you can find here. I substituted all-purpose flour for the rice flour, cornstarch and guar gum and also added in a tablespoon of flax seeds to make it healthier. I was trying to take a picture of the finished loaf next to the window for some natural light and of course Sean had to see what was going on. I had to laugh at his little fingers inching towards the bread! I love my silly little guy, and the pumpkin bread wasn't bad either!


  1. I can just imagine how good this smells when it's baking!

  2. I think that was my favorite part!

  3. great post! My son's class last year had a kid with egg allergies and I had the worst time coming up with something to send in to the class (I ended up doing kice krispie treats!)

  4. I love pumpkin so much - excited to try an egg free version! It looks soo good.