Family Beach Trip - Day Two

We started our day with a visit to the local farmer's market.
We bought some delicious lime crisps to share.
The baked goods on the right looked so good! They were made by a sweet lady from Switzerland.
This gentleman was singing a Jim Croce song. My mom remembered the song well.
I really like these two shots of my sister and her daughter. She was fixing Maya's hair.
These were taken at a seafood market. After we took the picture on the right we laughed so hard when we realized what it looked like. Get your grubby claws off me Mr. Gator!!
We stopped outside the shop to take a few family pictures.
Chris' niece really loved Sean. The above picture of them holding hands is so sweet!

Back on the road Sean did some modeling of his little sunglasses for us, and at a big souvenir shop called Bob's World he tried on some hats.
There was a little ice cream shop there too and Ryan got coconut and I got bubble gum and cotton candy flavors. We also purchased a bag of salt water taffy. I love that stuff!
Before lunch at the outlet mall in Mercedes we stopped at a tiny little rock shop on the side of the road. The owner had a wide variety of rocks and trinkets and I bought a four dollar necklace and my hubby and mom got some quartz and geodes. It was amazing to see the geode rock being hammered open right in front of us!
After several hours of driving we made it safely back to our town and the last two pictures I took were of the sun on the left side of our car and the moon on our right! We had a great little vacation but it's always good to be home sweet home!

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