Blogger Fail

Quick recap of the weekend:

-Friday: Afternoon of shopping and then dinner with the Foxes.
-Saturday: Saw Breaking Dawn with my sister, her hubby and his niece, did some mall browsing, went grocery shopping, had pizza night and watched Psych with the familia. Oh yeah and got spat up on...twice.
-Sunday: Went to church early for Ryan to help with the audio visual team, stayed in the nursery with Sean and read to a group of kids, dropped a big bag of clothes off at Goodwill, shopped with Mom and ate out (super packed restaurant!) organized and pared down my jewelry collection to fit in a new jewelry box, cooked dinner, gave Ryan a back massage and snuggled with Sean...

...and yet I didn't get a single picture! (Not that you want to see the spit up part, but before that I was wearing something cute to the movie and I didn't document it... fail!) Anyway to make up for that I'll put up a picture we got of our little family a few weeks ago. Doesn't Sean look like a little angel? A second before he was struggling to get down, but we managed to get one good shot in! Thank you Steph for the picture!
Edit: Did I go to sleep a while ago? NOPE, I went to try on outfits for Thanksgiving and then recreated what I wore to the movie on Polyvore. :) I'm trying to atone for my blogger sins here!


  1. Beautiful outfit Val!

    Geeze sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!


  2. what a cute family!
    idk how it translated into real life but that outfit looks pretty good from here :)