Pattern Mixing - Friday's Fancies & Wishlist

This week over at Long Distance Loving it's all about mixing patterns! We'll probably see a lot of stripes and leopard print action because they look really good together! I know this is a sweater, but I'd love it if it was a little longer and you could wear it as a sweater dress. Pair it with some tights and oxford heels and you've got a comfy outfit that I think would be fun to wear for Thanksgiving with the family. I must admit, mixing patterns with a scarf like this is actually the only way I've ever done it before! Although...it wasn't even really mixing patterns because I wore a striped sweater with a striped scarf! See?

You could do the same with a cute sweater and scarf like these ones. I think it "works" because one set of stripes is closer together than the other is. If they were too similar it might look a little busy in my opinion. I do plan to eventually get adventurous and wear a legitimate mixed patterns outfit, but this is as far as I've gotten so far! By the way, this picture is from last Christmas and speaking of Christmas...I pulled out my box of decorations today and came this close to putting everything out early. I refrained and packed it back up to wait a few more weeks, but no one can stop me from listening to Christmas music already and enjoying my cinnamon scented candle! I also just finished making my wishlist! If I happen to get any money for Christmas I might end up buying some of these items! However I truly believe it is better to give than receive and I'm really looking forward to shopping for a little two year old boy I selected through JCPenney's Angel Giving Tree. Click here if you'd like to adopt an "angel," you can do it all online!   

Christmas Wishlist

1. Essie nail polish "Case Study" $8 (A nice neutral color.)
2. Leopard Print Flats $17 (I actually want to check Payless tomorrow for these!)
3. Infinity Scarf $20 (This is cute, but I think I can find a cheaper one at Ross.)
4. Boot Socks $10 (I'll need these if I ever get my cognac riding boots.)

Under $50:
1. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer $22 (I've got horrible dark circles under my eyes.)
2. Victoria's Secret Gift Card $25 (I've got my eye on a wireless bralette to wear around the house.)
3. Raglan Belted Dress $30 (This would be such a pretty dress for church!)
4. Striped Sweater Dress $24 (This sweater dress looks so comfy.)
5. File Box $22 (I need to update my current file box because it's literally bursting at the seams!)

1. Leather Riding Boots $70 (I do want a pair of riding boots but I'd like to find them for cheaper!)
2. Kindle Touch $99 (I've been wanting some kind of e-reader for a while.)
3. Bronze Metallic Pumps $90 (These are just for fun, I just wanted to fill out the splurges section!)


  1. love that sweater dress paired with that scarf! super cute! have a lovely weekend!

    xoxo. ashlyn

  2. We've been listening to Christmas music too. :) I hate limiting it to just a few weeks in December, you know? I think a sweaterdress is one of the few things that I don't already own. But I want to! I hope you have a good weekend!

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. i love your christmas wants val especially those boots and number 3, the burgundy dress it is such a great color

  4. That outfit looks so comfy, as do the dresses! I love that you pull the look off in real life :)

  5. I love the combination of the sweater dress with the animal print scarf, it's a great match!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. love everything on your wishlist!

  7. Love that set!! You're totally mixing patterns but keeping everything in the same color family- so chic!

  8. I love the sweater dress!! So fall ^_^

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend,

  9. These are nice picks. The sweater dress is so lovely and chic.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  10. Nice picks!