That Horse Tee

(Top & Jeans from Old Navy, Boots from Kohl's, Earrings from Forever 21, Bag from Target, Watch from Fossil)
I'm wearing the same horse tee and jeans from this post, but everything else is different. I'm in love with the three new items I've acquired recently: arrowhead earrings from Forever 21, cross-body bag reminiscent of a saddlebag from my hubby, and lastly my awesome new riding boots from my Mom! I'm totally embracing all the rugged, cowgirl trends in one look! I'm just one ten gallon hat away from being over the top. Yeehaw!   Anyway, I've been such an airhead today! At one store I accidentally gave a fake phone number because I blanked on mine, (You never have to call yourself!!) and at another I approved the email the cashier put down for me before realizing she had spelled it all wrong. Oh and when I got home I pretty much had to crawl into my car's trunk to retrieve a multitude of cherry tomatoes that decided to escape the confines of their container and roll into every crevice of the vehicle. So awkward...and it's not even Thursday.


  1. Woah those are really cool earrings! Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will love, please pass by to enter!



  2. Well despite a few mishaps, you looked great :)

  3. Love your boots! And that tee is so fun and quirky! Love it!

    xx Ivana

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